A Sweet Clock Wall Art Idea You’ll Want To Steal For Your Home

Our homes are where we can escape from the chaos of the world. The place where we build eternal bonds with our family and the place where we can celebrate our unique selves.

It’s wonderful when our home decor can reflect that intent. Such is the case with this very cool decorating idea from Pinterest. Although it originated on the photo-sharing site, it wasn’t until teenager Jaylan Jordan tweeted about the decor idea that the trend went viral.

What a fun idea! As you can see in the above photo, Jaylan’s aunt has a baby photo of each of their family’s children, along with a clock stopped at the exact time of each child’s birth. The lettering on the wall reads: “In these moments, time stood still.”

At the top, there is a picture of Jaylan’s aunt and uncle sharing their first kiss as newlyweds. How adorable is that?

The pictures are even more meaningful because they are a blended family. Kids in blended families can sometimes struggle to feel like a cohesive unit. It can be hard to welcome a new person into your life, let alone accept them as a member of the family. But this sentimental display speaks volumes about this family’s bond and their commitment to one another.

No wonder so many people on Twitter are loving this sweet idea.

It is easy to replicate this wall art project in your own home. And it’s easy to put your own spin on it. For example, if you have a contemporary style in your house, you can use a very modern clock such as this one:


Or, if your home is more traditional, you could opt for a vintage style such as this:


If you need some help with the project, you can buy decals on Etsy. (Note that the clocks aren’t included.)


This wall art project would be a great way to up-cycle a clock that no longer works, but perhaps has sentimental value for your family.

Would you try this clock wall art in your home?