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Hilarious Kid ‘Runs’ Bases In Slow Motion During Youth Baseball Game

This is so cute. The boy's coach told him to run as fast as he could—but he decided to add some drama!

Fans — aka family and friends — at a recent kids’ baseball game were treated to a rare spectacle. As one player made his way to home plate, his run amounted to basically the most dramatic moment in youth sports history.

The boy made the home stretch count by “running” every step—but in slow motion. Will the other team get the ball to the catcher’s mitt before he makes it? Will he make the slide in time? It’s almost too intense to watch!

Just for the record, it takes the kid nearly a full minute to make it from third base to home plate!

The boy’s slow-motion run is absolutely adorable, and that’s probably why it’s going viral online.


Twitter user @TabbyRodriguez posted the video of the epic moment along with the caption, “If any of you need a laugh, the coach told my cousin to run home as fast as he can and he delivered.”

You can tell most of the fans in attendance loved his run by the way they can be heard cracking up in the video.

Folks online can’t get over how intense this baseball moment truly was.

One person tweeted, “This is not only the cutest thing I have ever seen, but it’s also the most stressed I have ever been while watching a video on [Twitter].”

The boy’s older cousin replied, “Stressing people out is his thing lol.”

And while he made many people laugh — the parents of the kids on other team probably didn’t think it was quite so funny.

Twitter user @jday1916 summed up their likely reactions perfectly:

Regardless of what the opposition thought about his leisurely pace, the boy’s run added something truly memorable to the game — and that’s something most parents can definitely appreciate!

Check this little ham out for yourself below.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen at a kids’ sporting event?

Texas Town Hosting A 0.5K Run For People Who Hate Running

Speaking of funny, have you heard about the town that’s hosting a 0.5K race for people who hate running?

Charity runs are a fun and healthy way to raise money and awareness for many worthy causes. But, for those of us not sure we’re up to the challenge of a long-distance run, it can be a little intimidating to sign up to participate. Well, one town decided to host a race that just about anyone can complete.


Introducing the 0.5K race. Yes, you read that correctly — it’s not a 5K, it’s a half-kilometer race!

The city of Boerne, Texas will host the 0.5K race on May 5 to benefit a local charity called Blessings In a Backpack, which works with communities to “ensure impoverished elementary school children are fed on the weekends throughout the school year.”

Check out the event’s incredible poster below.

Non-runners will be relieved to discover that, in terms of distance, 0.5 kilometers equals a little more than 500 yards, or the length of three New York City subway trains.

Dubbed “The Running Event for the Rest of Us,” the race takes a tongue-in-cheek poke at more traditional 5K charity runs (5 kilometers is the equivalent of 3.1 miles, by the way). Everything from the race course itself, to safety precautions, to the refreshments are meant to bring a smile to the racers.

Refreshments will include beer and doughnuts, costumes are encouraged and everyone will take home medals. Because when you’re running a third of a mile, everyone’s a winner!

running photo
Getty Images | Mark Metcalfe

Apparently the number of sign-ups for this year’s race have been so outstanding, the race organizers are already getting to work on follow-up event next year.