Youtuber amazingly sings all parts of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ song

The opening number in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is totally epic. In case you need some reminding, “Belle” is a classic musical tune that introduces audiences to the movie’s heroine. Although Belle herself is the star of the song, it actually features several characters chiming in at parts, and has Belle exchanging dialogue with them as she makes her way through the town. Here’s the clip of the charming tune from the movie:

Although “Belle” features back and forth between several different characters with unique voices, that doesn’t stop Brian Esposito from performing every single one of them himself in an epic rendition of the song. This YouTuber posted a video of himself hitting all the right notes in an impassioned performance of the song while onlookers in what appears to be a busy restaurant seem delighted. Check it out:

Wow! Esposito’s audience appears understandably impressed, and many of them can be seen capturing the performance themselves on their phones. Esposito totally works the room as he flutters from place to place, perfectly executing each part of the dialogue and singing.

I’d say this guy definitely has a future in voices for animated films, as he’s able to effortlessly pull off both male and female characters with completely different accents and registers.

The video has been viewed over 99,000 times, and people on YouTube are just as wowed as Esposito’s live audience.

“This guy’s ability to switch between characters so quickly and smoothly is beyond impressive! Crazy talented. I bet this video blows up like crazy in the next 24-48 hours,” read one comment.

We have to say we agree! Someone get this guy a Disney contract, stat!