Make these Nutella brownies with just 2 ingredients

A stack of three gooey, fudgy brownies on a plate near a glass of milk.

If you’re a Nutella fan, chances are you’ve found a way to work it into any dish you can think of (whether its breakfast, lunch or even dinner). If you haven’t tried it in baked goods, however, you’ll definitely want to try your hand at these super easy two-ingredient Nutella brownies.

The recipe for these two-ingredient Nutella brownies comes from Real Simple, which states the sweet treat can be made with just eggs and Nutella. The only thing you need to do to make the brownies is beat some eggs, mix in Nutella and bake. Real Simple suggests using a stand mixer, but you can use a hand mixer if that’s what you have on hand.

How to Make Nutella Brownies

To make the brownies you’ll start by mixing the eggs, and after the they triple in size it’ll be time to fold in the Nutella. After baking, you’ll want to let them cool to room temperature and perhaps add some more Nutella on top.

Jar of Nutella spread

Real Simple says the Nutella brownies aren’t the richest brownies they’ve tasted, but are lighter but still fudgy. They’ll definitely do the trick if you’re craving chocolate or forgot you need to bring the dessert to a party and don’t have all of the standard brownie ingredients.

You can find the full recipe for the two-ingredient Nutella brownies on Real Simple’s website.

While the recipe doesn’t call for toppings, don’t be afraid to add more Nutella, chocolate chips, nuts or whatever else you want!


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Will you be trying the two-ingredient Nutella brownies or any of these other simple treats?

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