You’ve Been Using These 11 Everyday Items The Wrong Way This Whole Time

Mind blown.

Every day, you probably use all sorts of household items the way you think they’re intended to be used. Little did you know, there are some tricks to using them you’ve probably been missing this whole time. Prepare to be amazed.

1. Use The “End Locks” On Aluminum Foil And Plastic Wrap Boxes

Did you know that there are locks on aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes to help hold the foil and wrap in place as you tear some off? Rick Evans, a graphic designer based in Underhill, Vermont, wrote to Slate about it. Apparently, the tabs are called “end locks.” “Oftentimes, people do not take much time to study the instructions for well-known things that have ‘obvious’ uses, like tape, paper, or scissors,” Evans said. “End locks on our Reynolds Wrap and Diamond foil packaging are somewhat of a hidden feature and benefit.” We’ll say. We’re going to try it, STAT. Even the Reynolds Wrap box states “Press to Lock Roll,” yet we had no idea. This one’s a game-changer, for sure.

Natalia Lusinski/Reynolds Wrap® 

2. Red Solo Cups

We’ve probably all used red Solo cups at some point, right? Have you ever noticed they have a few different lines on the outside of the cup? Well, they have a purpose, according to The Kitchn. They can help measure your drink. For instance, if you pour to the first line, it’s one ounce (a shot, anyone?), up to the second line, it’s 5 ounces (like a glass of wine), then 12, 16 and 18 ounces. Though those lines seem pretty perfect, those measurement are apparently not officially what they’re for. Regardless, we love the coincidence and will drink to that!


3. Use Soda Tabs As Straw Holders

Who knew we should be using the tab on soda cans to hold our straws in place?!


4. Peel Bananas From The Bottom Up

Yes, I know, I know—we were probably all taught to peel bananas from the top down. But when you check out this video, then try it for yourself, you’ll see that it’s way easier from the bottom up!

Flickr | Mike Mozart

5. Put Bobby Pins In Your Hair… With The Grooves Closest To Your Hair

Yes, I know—we’ve been using bobby pins incorrectly! It turns out you should put the grooves closest to your hair. That way, they’ll help keep your hair in place better. Try it and you’ll see!

Flickr | Hey Paul Studios

6. Turn Your Pill Bottle Top Upside-Down To Child-Proof It

You may spend money buying items to child-proof your cabinets and drawers, but did you know that your drug store pill bottle is likely already child-proofed? Go grab one from your medicine cabinet now and see for yourself.


7. To Save Packing Space, Roll Clothes

Many people think they know the ins and outs of packing, but this tip works wonders. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. You can even compare and contrast, first packing by folding, then by rolling. Just wait till you see how much space you save when you roll!


8. Use Your Chinese Take-Out Container As A Plate

Yes, there’s no need to use a plate when you want to eat your Chinese food leftovers. Instead, unfold the take-out container and use it as a plate. Easy, right? And no dishes to do afterwards!

Flickr | liz west

9. Use A Dustpan To Fill A Bucket With Water

Isn’t it the worst when you want to mop, but you don’t have any way to fill the bucket? Well, this trick will change everything. Just grab a clean dustpan and balance it in the sink so that the handle is off the sink and acting like a waterfall into the bucket on the floor.

10. Chobani “Flip” Cups

Who doesn’t love Chobani’s Greek Yogurt “Flip” cups? But did you know the side with the toppings actually “flips” so you can easily add them into the yogurt side? Just look at the seam, and that’s where you fold the cup to flip the toppings over. Genius, right?


11. Dispense Tic Tacs A Whole New Way

I know, you’re probably thinking: How hard is it to dispense a Tic Tac? Well, apparently there is a right way that we have NOT been following. Take a look at this video for a short tutorial.

So there you have it—11 much more efficient ways to use everyday things. Amazing, right?