7 Yummy Foods You Can Make In A Blender Besides Smoothies

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If you’re someone who likes to cook, you likely have a trusty blender at home as one of your kitchen staples. Nothing is better than having your own blender to create delicious homemade smoothies, but it turns out your blender is good for more than just making fruity drinks. You can use this kitchen contraption for a whole range of other foods, so why limit yourself to just liquids?

Blenders range in price and size, but you don’t need anything fancy to be able to create a variety of recipes. Whether you’re looking to create a creamy sauce, quickly chop up some ingredients, or whip up a homemade soup, your blender is your best friend.

1. Sauce

Whether you’re making a marinara sauce, a cheesy nacho dip, or a zesty hollandaise, your blender is a great tool for making sauce at home. Using a blender, you can make sauces in minutes, and they’ll be smoother than if you tried to do them by hand.

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2. Chopped Salad

If you’re making a kale salad or using any other thick leafy green, use the blender to help cut up leaves in a jiffy. Just add a little bit of water with the leaves to create a uniformly chopped salad that doesn’t require any pesky manual labor.

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3. Pancakes

Banish chunky, misshapen pancakes by sticking your pancake batter in the blender to make it more smooth. Preparation is quick, and you can pour the batter directly onto the griddle for more cohesive and smooth pancakes.

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4. Soup

Make a creamy soup by blending your favorite ingredients together and heating over the stove. Certain high-end blenders like a Vitamix can even make hot soup on their own by running at its highest speed for several minutes.

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5. Almond Milk

Ditch the additives and make your own dairy-free milk at home in your blender. Presoak your almonds and then blend them with water, and strain using a cheesecloth. Experiment with other nuts such as cashews or hazelnut as well.

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6. Salad Dressing

You can make your own variety of dressings in a blender, from vinaigrettes, to creamy avocado and even Caesar. Making salad dressings in a blender helps you get a foolproof creamy consistency, and you can make a big batch and save it for later.

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7. Salsa

Whether you’re having guests over or just craving some good ole Mexican food, use your blender to create an easy salsa that only requires a few minutes of preparation. You can even use just canned tomatoes instead of fresh for a faster recipe made restaurant style.

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