8 Yummy Low-Calorie Soup Recipes To Try This Month

Who doesn’t love soup, especially when it’s nasty out? And who doesn’t love low-calorie soup, so we can eat serving after serving without feeling guilty? I never have to be forced to make or eat soup, so I tried out some recipes… that were all low in calories (many under 300)! Here are the best of the best.

1. Cauliflower Soup

For those of you wondering—Is this cauliflower soup flavorful enough?—“Yes!” is the answer. Of course, there is more than cauliflower in it. Garlic, rosemary, and coconut milk (!) are just a few of the additional ingredients that will make you crave this soup time and time again.


2. Potato Soup

Who doesn’t like potatoes? And, in soup, they make it all the more filling. Fat-free evaporated milk and reduced-fat cheddar cheese help make this potato soup recipe low in fat yet still delicious.

3. Corn Chowder

One-percent milk makes this corn chowder low on calories but high in flavor—plus, the carrots, onion, and celery help, too. This recipe is ideal for those days that you’re fighting off the winter temps.

4. Sweet Potato Soup

Crock-Pots are a cook’s best friend, aren’t they? So, get yours ready, then your sweet potatoes, in order to make this hearty-and-healthy soup. You’ll also need fat-free chicken broth (or vegetable, if you prefer), fat-free half-and-half, Allspice, and Splenda (!) to round out the recipe.


5. French Onion Soup

You don’t have to go to a French restaurant for onion soup now that you have this recipe. It combines a lot of our favorite tastes into one soup—including onions (sweet and red), garlic, balsamic vinegar, red wine, chives… and Gruyère (or fontina) cheese, of course.


6. Sweet-And-Sour Beef Cabbage Soup

With distinct ingredients like a Golden Delicious apple and apple cider vinegar, this recipe is tangy and tasty while also being healthy.

Eating Well

7. Chicken Tortilla-Less Soup

Tortilla-less?! Is that a typo? Nope! With this recipe, you’ll get the taste of regular chicken tortilla soup, but with less calories and without the tortilla. However, the chicken, jalapeños, cilantro, and limes still make for a citrusy, I-want-seconds soup.


8. Miso Soup

This miso soup uses red miso paste instead of white or yellow, so you’ll really taste the miso. You only need vegetable broth, green onions, spinach/chards, and tofu to complete the recipe. You can add more vegetables, too, if you’d like, and you’ll still have a low-calorie soup. So, bon appétit!

Photo by jeffreyw