Zappos launched a customer service ‘Anything’ hotline to help with everything from restaurant delivery to Netflix recommendations


During this time of social distancing and staying home, it goes without saying that it can get pretty lonely. It can be especially tough for those who live alone or are simply just social people who miss human connection.

In an effort to help any way they can, shoe and clothing retailer Zappos has launched a customer service line that will do a lot more than talk to you about your recent purchase. Their new Customer Service for Anything helpline is hoping to help people feel less alone or find answers or solutions to problems as they navigate this new normal.

Zappos is known for going above and beyond with customer service, which helped it build a loyal following in the early days of online shopping. In 2016, a Zappos employee broke the record for the longest customer service call with a 10 hour, 43 minute call. That’s dedication!

Now, Zappos says their Anything line is for, well, anything, “from local restaurant delivery or Netflix recommendations to checking what grocery stores are stocking items you need or simply offering a kind voice to talk to,” Zappos said in a statement.


To use the free service, which is available 24 hours a day, simply dial 800-927-7671 and press option 3. I tested it out myself and not only was it easy, but I have to admit, it was nice to chat with a new voice, as I have been in my house for … actually, I’ve lost count.

When you first call, you will hear a recording simply explaining the service. Just like calling any customer service number, you’ll then hear some music before being connected. I was connected in about 20 seconds.

Because I was just testing it and didn’t actually need anything, I didn’t ask for help finding restaurants near me or ask them to call a grocery store and ask what is in stock. So, I simply used the service for a friendly voice and kept it short, just to make sure someone did, in fact, answer and was up for chatting.


If you’re using the service for things like finding out what restaurants are open near you for delivery, just know that the customer service representative is simply searching for information the same way you can if you have an internet connection. If you would like them to call a store to check their stock, they will, but you could also call the store yourself if you’d rather bypass calling the helpline first.

Of course, if you do not have an internet connection or the ability to search for some of the things you’re needing help with, this is a great way to get the info.

For things like Netflix recommendations, the customer service representatives will share their personal opinion in addition to the best available answer from their research. For example, if you asked “what is the best comedy movie on Netflix?”, they will Google your question and find the highest rated movie currently available. A Zappos spokesperson says they are also working on a repository of useful content to repurpose for their agents for faster and more effective answers.


You don’t have to buy anything to use the Customer Service Anything hotline, and Zappos will not try to sell you anything while you’re chatting. A Zappos spokesperson says they are simply passionate about lending a helping hand and the hotline serves as a resource to support customers with whatever they need help with during these uncertain times.

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