A restaurant that lets you catch your own fish is coming to NYC

I’m sure you’re familiar with the farm-to-table concept in which fresh, local ingredients are used to prepare your food. But the latest restaurant concept to come to NYC involves allowing you to catch your own fish and have it prepared for you.

We’re calling this eating style: tank to table.

The Zauo restaurant is a Japanese chain with locations in Tokyo, Fukuoka and more. It’s New York City location will be the chain’s first U.S outpost. The chain reportedly also has plans to come to San Francisco, so both coasts will be able to enjoy this very unique dining experience.

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So, here’s how it works.

You’re given the choice of ordering fish from the menu or fishing your own out of the large tank that’s housed in the restaurant.

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According to the website, it can actually be cheaper to catch your own dinner for the evening, which makes sense given the labor involved!

If you decide to go that route, you purchase bait, you’re given a fishing pole, and the rest is up to you. Once your dinner has been caught, you give the fish to the cooking staff, and it’s prepared and served to you.

You can choose to have the fish fried, grilled or served up in the form of sushi.

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At least they do the filleting and deboning for you, as anyone who’s done it knows it can be messy work. If you’re dressed for a night on the town, you probably don’t want fish scales on your get-up.

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Now, if you’re not a fan of seeing your food alive before eating it—I definitely wouldn’t recommend giving this place a visit. Because catching your own fish is definitely part of what makes this such a special dining experience.

Eater reports that there’s no official opening date set, but you can look out for Zauo to open its three-story location at 152 West 24th Street in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood.

So, who’s ready to go fishin’?