You Can Now Buy Zero-Calorie Ginger Beer To Mix With Your Favorite Drinks

There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold, refreshing adult beverage on a hot summer day, but if you’re watching your waistline for summer pool parties and beach trips, if can be easy to forget that some of our favorite drinks can pack some pretty hefty calories.

One popular summer refreshment, the Moscow Mule, can pack more than 300 calories per drink. An 8-ounce pour of ginger beer alone can easily top 100 calories.

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With that in mind, drink company Zevia has created a zero-calorie ginger beer to make your Moscow Mules and other favorite drinks a little bit lighter. Along with no calories, there is no sugar nor artificial sweeteners, and it’s gluten free and vegan.

How do they do it? With Stevia, a natural sweetener.

There are only four ingredients in Zevia’s ginger beer — carbonated water, natural flavors, citric acid and Stevia leaf extract:

Making a Moscow Mule is pretty easy. It only requires three ingredients: ginger beer, vodka and lime. But you can get fancier if you like and mix up a Strawberry Moscow Mule with Spicy Southern Kitchen’s recipe:

Zeiva also offers recipes for their latest mixers, such as this carrot ginger mule made with carrot juice, orange juice, vodka and ginger beer:

Along with the ginger beer, Zeiva also has two other mixers — dry lemon lime and tonic water. Both are also free of calories and sugar and contain just four ingredients.

If you’re not too concerned about calories but do love a good Moscow mule, you can also get one in a can, pre-made for those days when you seriously just need one.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you’re pouring your mule into a copper mug that’s safe for acidic drinks.

But really this is making us dream of all different kinds of summer cocktails. What’s your favorite recipe?