This Zip-Up Sweater Is The Perfect Way To Say ‘Leave Me Alone’


Some days, you just want to hide from the world. Between the increasingly cold temperatures and the exhausting holiday social calendar, it’s no surprise if you’re feeling like you need some alone time. For those looking for a fashion statement that says “Not right now,” look no further than the Leave Me Alone Sweater.

Creator Ruth Grace Wong shared DIY instructions for how to make this clever sweater that zips up over your head, leaving you effectively unable to communicate with anyone. If that sounds sort of extreme and not very practical, that’s kind of the point.


“The ‘leave me alone’ mode is more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing — I can’t see anything through my sweater. If you find yourself using the ‘leave me alone mode’ a lot, you could add eye holes,” Wong wrote on Instructables.

All you need to pull off this not-so-friendly look is a sweater that fits well, two yards of fabric, a zipper, thread, a sewing machine, a zipper foot and a hand sewing needle.

If you start to feel like you’re ready to come out of hibernation, you can also wear the Leave Me Alone sweater as a cowl neck or off-the-shoulder, two decidedly more social styles. When it all gets to be too much, just zip it up again and you’re back to being nearly invisible!


If you’re not into making your own clothes but love the idea of clothing that lets you stay completely hidden from the outside world (more than The Comfy), Wong’s sweater has been manufactured by Betabrand. It was so popular, though, that unfortunately, it is now sold out!

However, Wong is working towards manufacturing the sweater herself. You can subscribe here for exclusive pre-order deals and follow her progress on Facebook.

In April, the company said on its Facebook page that it was making some changes to the original design — specifically, a better shoulder fit and wider cuffs “so that you can pull your sleeves up your arm without them sliding back to your wrists when you’re washing your hands.”

What do you think? Would you rock the Leave Me Alone sweater, or do you prefer to show the world your beautiful face?

[H/t Delish]

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