10 Book-Themed Home Accessories Every Book-Lover Should Own

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When you walk into someone’s home, the décor generally represents his or her personality and passions. The travel enthusiast has a framed map and the items they’ve collected on their journeys.

The same goes for those of use who never get tired of reading. A bibliophile likely has books strewn about the house: on shelves, under the bed, you name it.

There’s no shortage of book-themed products out there, some cheesier than others. If you’re looking to up your book-themed home decor or are looking for a gift for the book worm in your life, check out this list of 10 tasteful book-themed products for every bibliophile out there.

1. Bookshelf Wallpaper

Is there any cooler wallpaper option for a book-lover’s bedroom?

Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper, $40.00

2. Reader Eye Chart

This is perfect for the young book-lovers in your life. This creative eye chart reads: “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

Today A Reader Tomorrow A Leader, eye chart print

Amazon, $7.99

3. Cookie Cutter

Sit down with a good book and some cookies. Why not take it up a notch with these Emily Dickinson cookie cutters.

The Literary Gift Company
The Literary Gift Company

The Literary Gift Company, $10.36

4. Folding Night Light Book Lamp

You may recognize this clever product from “Shark Tank.” This wooden-covered night light opens to 360 degrees. Can you imagine a cooler way to read late at night?


Amazon, $32.99

5. Book-Scented Candle

Any avid reader will tell you there is nothing like the smell of a book. Even when you’ve turned the last page continue the aroma with Frostbeard’s book-scented candles.

Book-Scented Candles
Frostbeard | Etsy

Etsy, $12.00-$18.00

6. Book-Shaped Plates

These plates are a tasteful nod to the deliciousness of an open book.

Gone Reading

Gone Reading, $9.99 and up.

7. Dramatic Bookends

Forget normal and try Fred & Friends ‘THE END’ Dramatic Bookends. The figure trying to “hold” the books might remind you of all the times you carried way too many.

The END Dramatic Bookends

Amazon, $17.99

8. Book Spoon

Literature and tea equals happiness so of course a spoon that reminds you of such an equation is necessary.

Book Spoon
ThePaperSpoon4U | Etsy

Etsy, $20.00

9. Classic Coaster Set

Never let anyone forget the classics with the Classic Book Coaster set. The cover art might make you want to read the books again.

Classic Book Coaster
The Literary Gift Company

The Literary Gift Company, $16.93

10. Library Embosser

Make your home a mini library with this personalized embosser. Whenever someone opens a book they will know which library they’ve stepped into.

Library Embosser

Horchow, $26.00

Bonus Item: Library Scarf

Bring nostalgia to your closet. This due date scarf is sure to be a conversation-starter. You can wear it out or personalize it as a gift by writing the person’s favorite book and author on it.

Library Scarf
Cyberoptix | Etsy

Etsy, $44.00