10 Tweets You Will Relate To If You Really, Really Love To Sleep

Some people prefer to wake up at the crack of dawn and seize the day. Others will sleep as long as they possibly can, setting their alarm to the very last minute before they absolutely have to get up.

If you’re someone who loves sleep more than pretty much anything else in life, you know how nice it feels to doze off to sleep at night and wake up well-rested in the morning. In fact, you’ll even sneak in a nap or two here and there just to get that same sensation.

If you’re in this camp, you’re not alone. Twitter is filled with sleep lovers just like yourself, and they have some clever things to say about prioritizing their beauty rest. Here are 10 awesome tweets that anyone who is obsessed with sleep can relate to.

1. Sleep Defines You


2. When The Need To Sleep Takes Over Everything Else


3. Who Needs A Social Life?


4. Why Does It Have To Stop?

5. It’s One Of Your Best Assets

6. The Sky’s The Limit

7. Happy Hour? More Like Nappy Hour

8. It’s Always On Your Mind


9. Do I Have To?

10. Sleep Is Forever