11 Cute First Day Of School Photo Ideas That Are Easy To Recreate

Back to school portrait of boy holding books, apple

It’s always fun to document your child’s first day of school with a photo or two, whether it’s to look back on at the end of the school year or at the end of a decade.

Why not up the creativity and try one of these fun ideas for your next back-to-school photo shoot?

1. Make a Sign With a List of Their Favorites

This is a picture I took of my son with all of his favorites as he entered kindergarten. My plan is to do this every year because I love the idea of highlighting everything from his career choices to his best friends and favorite foods.

Megan Fenno

2. Use Chalk

This one gets your kiddo in on the fun: have your little sidewalk Picasso draw a back-to-school-themed message in sidewalk chalk and have them pose with their masterpiece for a photo. Schools can get in on the fun, too — see below, where the pavement outside George Junior High in Rosenberg, Texas sports uplifting back-to-school messages written in chalk in anticipation of the first day back.

3. Use Balloons

Jess Castellani of Balloon Fiesta by Jes shared some fun examples of her back-to-school balloon “bouquets,” shown below. Balloons are a simple yet adorable way to note your child’s first day of school. Plus, they double as a nice little surprise for your child the morning of their first day!

4. Have Your Child Hold a Photo of Their First Day of Kindergarten

This is such a fun idea, especially for older kids. But be warned: seeing your soon-to-be graduate holding a photo of their kindergarten-sized self might bring a tear or two to your eye!

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5. Use Free Printables

There are plenty of blogs and websites that offer free printable numbers and letters to make documenting the first day with a fun back-to-school sign a breeze. Check out these free printables from Teacher Goals below.

6. Dress Your Baby Up

Don’t forget to include the littlest of your kids in the back-to-school fun. Even if they’re not going to school right now, someday they can hold up the photos during their own back-to-school photo shoot!

7. Take Candid Photos

Sometimes the best photos aren’t the ones that aren’t overly posed and instead capture some of the little details you may otherwise forget a couple of years down the line.

Play Party Plan blogger Britni Vigil captured her son’s shoes as a part of his back-to-school photo shoot, starting a new tradition that will last for years.


8. Start a Tradition

Speaking of traditions, back-to-school photo shoots are the perfect opportunity to start a tradition you keep up with through your child’s academic career. Finders Keepers, a personalized gift boutique in Kirkwood, Missouri, shared a fun idea: oversized t-shirts printed with your child’s graduation year. They’ll grow into the t-shirt over the years, fitting into it a little more in each back-to-school photo. (Aww!)

9. Make a Fun Photo Frame

Some cardboard and stickers are all you need to make a cute, personalized photo frame. Say cheese!

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10. Printed Book Jackets

Wrap up some old textbooks in paper and write your child’s grade and start date on the spines. Add an apple on top of the stack and voila! You’ve nailed the back-to-school photo.

11. Use a Chalkboard

With a chalkboard like the one below from Initially Yours, a gift shop in Jefferson City, Missouri, you have a consistent template to use throughout the years.

Looking to save money on school supplies this fall? Check out this back-to-school cheat sheet that compares prices on popular items at Walmart, Target, Office Depot and Staples.

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