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11 Delicious Halloween Cocktails

In case you’re feeling festive, you should try out these 11 ghoulish cocktails for a very spirited, adult Halloween. From drinks that make fog to shrunken heads floating in cider, this is sure to be one festive night. Trick or treat? These 11 drinks are a little of each.

1. Blood Orange Cocktail

“Blood” colored and served in a beaker? It doesn’t get much more fitting for the occasion. Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

2. Shrunken Head Cider

Carve your apples to look like faces for an extra spooky drink. Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

3. Red Sangria

This sangria is just the deep red color you need to be extra creepy. Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

4. Black Lagoon Cocktail

Black ice cubes add just the right touch to this drink. Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

5. Poisoned Apple Cocktail

With apple cider, pomegranate and tequila, this will be your poison of choice for the night. Get the recipe from Julep.


6. The Raven

Coffee liqueur mixed with cola makes for a creepy, yet tasty dark-colored treat. Get the recipe from DIY Network.

7. Sleepy Hollow Cocktail

Garnished with a burning sprig of rosemary, this is just the cocktail to spook (but also majorly impress) your guests. Get the recipe from The Jewels of New York.

The Jewels Of New York

8. Candy Corn Martini

Yes, this recipe calls for candy corns soaked in vodka. Just the perfect way to have an adult Halloween, am I right? Get the recipe.

9. The Black Widow

This drink is dark and creepy, just like the animal it’s named after. Get the recipe.

10. Ghost In The Mist

Moscato, cherry juice and pineapple juice come mixed over dry ice for an A-grade, scary effect. Get the recipe.

11. The Black Beard

Chocolate stout and spiced rum come together for a drink Black Beard himself would enjoy. Get the recipe from Honestly Yum.

Get ready to enjoy a very scary and very adult beverage because nothing gets you in the Halloween spirit like some spirits. (You get it?) Pun definitely intended… Anyways, drink up and Happy Halloween!

[h/t: Martha Stewart]