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12 Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Twins

When it comes to Halloween costumes for twins, you’ve never seen such cuteness.

If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, you can have twice the fun if you have twins—especially once you see the round-up of our favorite costumes for twins. In the past, we’ve told you about costumes for the pun lovers out there, as well as family-friendly costumes and ones for babies.

The below are in no particular order of cute-ness, since it would be a tie between them all. But if you don’t have twins, they’ll probably inspire you to have your non-twin child join up with a friend or family member to create a twin costume.

1. TWINkies

Twinkies have never been this cute!

Costume Works

2. Raggedy Ann And Andy

We guarantee you’ve never seen the ragdolls look like this!


3. Cabbage Patch Kids

Just when you thought you had no reason to bring Cabbage Patch Kids back into your life, it turns out that they make the perfect Halloween costume!

Coolest Homemade Costumes

4. Chickens (In A Chicken Coop)

No need to go to a farm to see chickens when you can just make your own! (The coop looks a bit tricky, though we think it’s definitely worth the effort.)

Bethany Bosscher Georgia/Pinterest

5. Mario And Luigi From “Mario Kart”

For this “Mario Kart”-themed costume, you can have one twin be Mario and the other be Luigi (of course). However, you can also make the costume fun for the whole family and make “Player One” and “Player Two” like this family did.

Costume Works/Pinterest

Laura, “Player One” in the photo, explains how she made it here. In it, she said that while they were trick-or-treating, they also played the “Mario” theme song via their iPhone (and kept it hidden in one of their son’s Halloween candy buckets). Talk about creative!

6. Finding Nemo (And Dory)

How do parents come up with these clever Halloween costumes for their children?! Though this costume is “Finding Nemo,” you can easily add a twin into the mix with a “Dory,” too.

And the best part? When the kids get tired, you don’t have to carry them around the neighborhood—the wagon will double as a temporary bed.

7. Superman And Clark Kent

Torn between whom you like better—Clark Kent or Superman? With twins, you can have both!


8. Dubble Bubble

Dubble Bubble makes us think of our youth, and it’s the sweetest (pun intended) costume idea for baby twins!

Mivvi Rust/Pinterest

9. Milk And Cookie

Stephanie/Coolest Homemade Costumes

Stephanie, the mother who created the costume pictured, explains how she came up with it (on the back of the milk carton costume, you can even see the “nutrition information”!). Turns out, she’s a pastry chef, so when she was brainstorming ideas for the twins, milk and cookies (erm, cookie) came to mind.

We are in love (and are also now craving milk and cookies—big time).

10. Salt And Pepper

Check out these salt and pepper shakers, aka an adorable twin Halloween costume! Melissa Kendall bought the hats and onesies, then added the leggings, she said on Pinterest.

Melissa Kendall/Pinterest

11. Hansel And Gretel

Hansel and Gretel have come to life with this costume! Want to learn how their mother, Gretel, was inspired? For starters, yes, her name is Gretel, and “I hear where is Hansel all the time,” she told Costume Works. Hah-hah, and a cute-as-can-be costume idea was born.

Gretel/Costume Works

You can read more about the costumes’ creations here.

12. Lobsters

You certainly won’t want to eat these lobsters—they’re way too precious! Yep, this is another costume that can involve the parents of the twins, too (or not).

Twin Z Pillow for Twins!/Pinterest

So, there you have it! And Happy Halloween (shopping) from all of us at Simplemost!