12 hilarious and quirky wrapping papers guaranteed to bring a chuckle to your holiday season

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The holiday season is already upon us. Along with shopping for decorations, special food and the gifts for everyone on your list, you have to purchase supplies for wrapping all of those presents.

Spending money on gift wrap can feel like such a waste when everyone is just going to tear it off, wad it up and toss it in the trash (except, perhaps, for Aunt Mabel, who folds it neatly and hoards—ahem, sorry, “stores” it for future reuse).

What if the wrapping paper could be a gift in itself? Maybe not in the save-it-for-later-like-Aunt-Mabel manner, but by giving the recipient a smile, a laugh or a moment to remember. Here are a dozen silly, saucy or slightly strange gift wrap ideas that will bring an extra bit of fun to your holiday gift giving.


Did you miss the free bacon-themed wrapping paper giveaway by the National Pork Board? Not to worry. You can buy sheets of this hilarious gift wrap on Amazon (and matching duct tape, too!).


Shake Your Merrymaker

This reversible gift wrap lets you decide whether you want to adorn a package with simple and sweet or silly paper. One side has a pretty red ribbon pattern while the other announces, “Shake Your Merrymaker.”


Narwhal Wreath

What says, “Happy holidays!” better than the unicorn of the sea? This cute and quirky wrapping paper option features smiling narwhals carrying wreaths on their tusks.



Taco ’bout amusing (see what we did there?) If your gift recipient doesn’t love this taco-inspired wrapping paper, you need to seriously reevaluate your relationship.


Not Cash

This reversible gift wrap provides two delightful messages from which to choose. One says states, “Sorry it’s not cash” while the other announces, “If you don’t like this, I’ll take it.”


Santa Kitties

Purrfectly pleasing and completely Christmas-y, this wrapping paper boasts a flurry of felines dressed up like Santa Claus himself.


Toilet Guy

For the guy who has everything (especially a good sense of humor), this ridiculously funny gift wrap shows the bathroom door symbol man squatting on the potty. Is he reading a book or checking his phone? We may never know.


Not Quite Feliz Navidad

Love a pun that’s so baaad it’s good? The sweater-wearing sheep on this comical wrapping paper wish your recipient, “Fleece Navidad.”


Christmas Elephants

On the Wednesday before the holiday, the Christmas elephants make their rounds delivering trees to families around the globe. Okay, we totally made that up, but we’re not joking about the awesomeness that is this whimsical gift wrap.


Hot Mess

Everyone has that one friend or relative who keeps them in stitches. This wrapping paper is reversible so you can announce to the recipient, “You’re a Holiday Hot Mess” in public or hide it on the inside for a side-splitting surprise.


Holiday Donuts

What’s better than regular donuts? Christmas donuts, of course. This gift wrap features an abundance of the delicious holey pastries wearing Santa hats.



Give a special person a stack of gifts for the holiday season in juicy, grilled style. A Kickstarter campaign will let you in on this set of five glorious gift wrap designs that turn your presents into a burger with the works.


With so many options ranging from absurd to clever to hysterical, you might have to go buy more gifts just to use all the hilarious wrapping paper you find.

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