12 Inexpensive Ways To Add Vintage Charm To Your Home

No matter how new your house may be, it’s not difficult to make your house feel more like a home by adding little touches of vintage charm here and there.

Giving your home a rustic feel doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Something as simple as a stack of old books can add an old world feel to any space. Here are 12 easy ways to add some vintage charm to any and every room in your house.

1. Antique Dishes

China that you find at an antique shop or thrift store can be great accents around the home. Hang them on walls, use them as candle holders, soap dishes— get creative. There’s no wrong way to add a little bit of charm with antique dishes.


2. Worn Doors

Using old doors as tabletops or accents in the home can easily add a rustic feel. Even replace doors with used doors to go all out with a vintage feel. Make this door shelving unit by following this tutorial.

Bulb To Blossom

3. Ladders

Wooden ladders can be great as towel racks, etc. in the kitchen and bathroom.

Buckets Of Burlap

4. Distressed Paint

First, add white paint to desks, tables, cabinets or whatever piece of furniture you’d like. Then, use sandpaper to rub some of the paint away for a super easy DIY with that will add antiqued farmhouse charm to the furniture.

Miss Mustard Seed

5. Drawer Pulls and Doorknobs

Replacing drawer pull and doorknobs with antique glass or bronze ones can be a super subtle way to add a vintage feel throughout your entire home.

Me and My DIY

6. Mirrors

Old mirrors that are lacking some of their shine can be great for decoration around the home. Set them on table tops or hang them on the walls, either way they’ll add a sophisticated, vintage feeling.

Lillies For Kate

7. Quilts

Throwing a quilt over the back of your couch can be a great way to feel comfy, cozy at home. Besides, there’s nothing like a handmade goody to add immense amounts of charm.

Blue Is Bleu

8. Reclaimed Wood

Upcycling old wood and add to walls, countertops, bringing an outdoorsy, rustic element to your interior.

Julia Robbs

9. Retro Appliances

If you want to completely change your kitchen to give it a retro diner kind of feel. It’s easily achieved by swapping those brand spankin’ new appliances for some retro ones.

Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

10. Mason Jars

Mason jars as candle holders, vases or light fixtures can add a touch of quaintness to any space.

iD Lights

11. Tool Boxes

Tool boxes as silverware holders, magazine holders or flower boxes will allow you to repurpose something old into a new, inventive way, without losing any of the charm.

At The Picket Fence

12. Old Books

There’s just something about a stack of antique books sitting on the coffee table, you know?


Incorporate any of these items into your interior design to gain vintage charm without breaking the bank. These pieces will give your place that “Home Sweet Home” kind of feel.

[h/t: Houzz]