12 Surprising Uses For Dryer Sheets Around Your Home

Everyone knows that dryer sheets are an easy way to get that laundry-fresh smell. But they’re handy to have around the house for a bunch of reasons that have nothing to do with keeping your clothes static-free and smelling fresh.

Did you know you can use dryer sheets for warding off bugs and sharpening dull scissors? It’s true! There are countless ways to use dryer sheets outside of your dryer. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Trash Can Air Freshener

Tired of the scent of your garbage wafting through the kitchen? Well, place a dryer sheet in the bottom of the trash can, says Jo from ThriftyFun.

You can do this in each room of the house for instant, inexpensive air fresheners throughout your home. Divine Caroline also recommends taping a dryer sheet over each heating (or air conditioning) vent to get the scent flowing everywhere.

2. Remove Pet Hair

Don’t have a lint brush handy? No problem. You can simply use a dryer sheet to get rid of unwanted pet hair from furniture, your clothes, you name it. Just rub the sheet on the area and watch it disappear, says SheKnows.

3. Dust Furniture

Before reaching for paper towels or buy dusting cloths, opt for a dryer sheet, says Curbly. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself and see how dust-free you can make your house.

Woman cleaning dust in kitchen

4. Make Your Vacuum Smell Good

Instructables recommends adding a dryer sheet to your vacuum bag or filter, which will make your whole place smelling as clean as can be.

5. Sharpen Scissors

Yes, instead of searching for a knife sharpener, just use a dryer sheet to sharpen those scissors. If home renovation and repair guru Bob Vila attests to it on Pinterest, you better believe I tried it — and it worked!

Hand holding scissors on blue background

6. Remove Soap Scum

Hillbilly Housewife says using a wet dryer sheet removes soap scum from the tub, sink, tile and everything else in the bathroom. Who knew? She also suggests rinsing the surfaces well afterwards to prevent any residue from the sheet staying behind. However, Curbly says a used wet dryer sheet works better. Worth trying!

7. Make Shoes Smell Better

This one requires no work at all. Just put a dryer sheet in each shoe and leave them be, says Real Simple. You can either do this overnight or each time you are not wearing them.

8. Ward Off Bugs

A lot of people are looking for natural ways to deter bugs, and there’s plenty of internet lore about dryer sheets being an effective tool in the battle against backyard bites. The Spruce did some fact checking on claims that dryer sheet will ward off bugs, and there is some research that supports it: linalool, a common ingredient in dryer sheets, was found to be effective against some bugs in one study, and in another, it was found to be more effective against mosquitoes than citronella. It’s no magic bullet, but if interested enough to give it a try, Curbly suggests tucking them under your chair when you’re outside.

People sit on deck chairs on green lawn

9. Keep Mice Away

You can try to prevent mice from getting into your home by placing dryer sheets in areas where they’ll probably try to come in — under attic doors, into baseboards, and so on.

10. Keep Clothes Smelling Sweet

To always keep your clothes smelling fresh, whether they’re in the hamper or your dresser, Curbly suggests adding dryer sheets to each drawer for a 24/7 pleasant scent.

11. Freshen Pillows And Your Mattress

Talk about aromatherapy! When you add a dryer sheet to your pillowcase, or put one (or some) under your mattress pad, prepare to have the most pleasant dreams ever. Divine Caroline suggested it, and I’ve been sleeping soundly ever since.

12. Spruce Up Your Car’s Interior

Instead of buying pricy car air fresheners, just place a dryer sheet under your front seat, then sit back, relax and enjoy the nicely scented ride, says user TheBonster from ThriftyFun.