16 DIY pieces that look just as good as the in-store version

The Craft Patch

Decorating your home with accessories, art and other furnishings lets you put your personal touch on your dwelling. Sometimes, though, décor can be pricey or hard to find. Perhaps you have considered trying some DIY projects, but you don’t want the results to look tacky or obviously homemade.

While there are certainly a fair share of Pinterest fails out there, there are also loads of impressive DIY designs. Any of these projects will add flair to your home and make you proud of your crafting skills while saving you some cash, to boot.

1. Mosaic Mirror

Pottery Barn can be a wonderful place to shop for home decor. If you’re budget conscious, it can also be a source of inspiration for DIY items like this striking mirror.

Jenna Martell

2. Mod Planter Stands

Love the mid-century modern aesthetic? This homemade plant holder also holds tons of appeal.

Girl about Townhouse

3. Faux Agate Coasters

Jewel-toned, crystal coasters are pretty, but they can also cost a pretty penny. Make a gorgeous set for yourself, instead.


4. Shabby Chic Wall Vase

The next time you grab an iced coffee to go, hang on to the bottle. You can transform it into cute, cottage-style wall art.

Shanty 2 Chic

5. Ruffled Shower Curtain

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can stitch up a frilly, feminine bathroom accessory such as this one:

Elle Apparel

6. Bent Wood Pendant Light

This trendy pendant light might seem difficult to make, but the trick is to buy the wood pieces already bent (in the form of quilting hoops!).

Hey There Home

7. Rustic Pedestal

Your kitchen will look like Joanna Gaines paid a visit when you make this charming accessory. Candlesticks, cake pans and some paint are the essentials for this DIY project.

The North End Loft

8. Cedar Bath Mat

Your home is your castle and your bedroom is your sanctuary. Shouldn’t your bathroom be your spa? Add instant zen with this sleek and simple bath mat.

The Merry Thought

9. Mason Jar Planter

A planter box, some chicken wire and glass jars come together in this fresh and fashionable centerpiece that has just the right amount of old-fashioned country charm.

The Craft Patch

10. Farmhouse Console

Even beginning woodworkers can pull off making this rustic TV console. The plans are straightforward and the results will impress.

White Cottage Farm

11. Love Letter Lamp

If you have an old light fixture that does nothing for your décor, give it new life with this DIY project. Turn a boring lamp and basic shade into a romantic, French country piece.

The Shabby Creek Cottage

12. Chalkboard Globe

If you always wanted a soapstone globe from Anthropologie but just couldn’t justify spending several hundreds of dollars on one, this homemade knockoff fits the bill.

Craftivity Designs

13. Clock Table

You know that feeling when you see a perfectly good, albeit dull, piece of furniture on someone’s curb? You would love to take it home and update it, but you just don’t have any ideas. The next time you spy a round coffee table, you can upcycle it into a weathered clock table.

Red Hen Home

14. Wire Side Table

A wire wastepaper bin, an old tabletop and some pretty spray paint can become a stylish side table in your capable hands.

The Shabby Creek Cottage

15. Floral Hoop Wreath

When you strategically add some faux greenery to an oversize embroidery hoop, you get a simple yet stunning wreath for any season.

Less than Perfect Life of Bliss

16. Pebble Place Mats

There is something soothing about smooth, rounded river rocks. You can bring the outdoors in by using these small stones to make runners and mats for your dining table.

My Crafty Spot

The next time you see a piece of droolworthy décor that  you would love to have in your home, ask yourself, “Can I DIY it?” With a little imagination, time and effort, chances are good that you can.

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