20 cartoons that hilariously sum up marriage

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Aah, marriage. It can be a beautiful thing, but it’s not always perfect. As every married person knows, relationships have their ups and downs. And sometimes, those peaks and valleys can be pretty funny. If you don’t laugh, then you just might cry.

You may think that these days, all the funniest jokes about marriage can be found on Twitter or in memes. But it turns out old-school comics still have some hilarious takes on love and marriage.

You might not find these type of cartoons in your daily newspaper anymore, but thanks to the internet, comic strips are still alive and well! Check out these 20 relatable cartoons that perfectly capture the imperfect union that is marriage, and prepare to LOL.

1. When snacks are more important than love.

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2. Seriously, if you want fries, get your own fries.

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3. You’d be so much more comfortable in bed.

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4. There’s the couple you show the world, and then there’s the real couple.


5. Thank God for smart phones.


6. Always follow this marriage commandment: “Thou shalt not judge.”


7. You love your spouse despite their quirks, except when it messes with your sleep!

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8. There’s his, hers and then there’s ours.


9. Sometimes being right just trumps being in love.


10. Tell the truth at your own peril.


11. Sometimes practical gifts are the best ones.


12. That’s why the vows say “Til Death Do Us Part.”


13. It doesn’t matter if you said it last night or last year, your spouse always seems to remember!


14. That’s one way to get out of doing chores.


15. Sometimes you just have to admit your mistakes.


16. After you’ve been married for awhile, you might think you can read your partner’s mind.


17. Don’t take marriage advice too literally.


18. Sometimes life gets in the way of wedded bliss.


19. Make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to important life decisions.


20. Modern love has its perils.





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