16 Hilarious Thoughts That Perfectly Sum Up Married Life

Married life. For the many, many, many pluses of marriage we hear about, there are so many comedic moments, too—some on purpose, many by accident.

Apparently, married people have a lot to say about their lives because Twitter is teeming with tweets about #marriedlife. We’ve been scouring Twitter for the funniest tweets about marriage and we can’t stop LOLing. After all, marriage does provide some pretty great material for comedy, and it’s amazing how much people can say about being #Married in just 140 characters.

Below, we compiled our favorites tweets about the often hilarious realities of spending the rest of your life with one person. Chances are, you will find them very relatable, and you might even start composing a few #MarriedLife tweets of your own (even if you don’t post them).

1. Your Spouse Knows The Answers To Your Problems

2. And That May Involve Him Or Her Leaving Town


3. Other Times, They May Remind You Of One Of The Kids

4. You May Have Insanely Exciting Outings…To IKEA

5. And When You Go Out To Eat, Your Significant Other May Want To Budget

6. Or Want You To Dress A Certain Way

7. And They May Not Always Say What They Mean


8. Passive-Aggression, Anyone?

9. But Some Think Being Passive-Aggressive Is Just A Given

10. Back At Home, Your Partner May Take Watching Sports Very Seriously


11. And Your Friday Nights May Be Wilder Than Ever

12. Some Nights, You May Not Share The Bed

13. And It’ll Suddenly Dawn On You: When Did All Their Endearing Habits Become Not-So-Endearing?!

14. In General, Some Think Being Married Is A Form Of Therapy

15. And Words Take On Whole New Meanings


16. And, Yep, Even Sex Changes