The Funny Reason The KFC Twitter Account Follows Just 11 People

Victoria Beckham, a Green Bay Packers player, a university football coach and the Los Angeles city council president. Any idea what they all have in common? I’ll wait while you guess.

Take your time.


No clue? I didn’t think so. Hint time!

They are part of an exclusive group of 11 people—five women and six men—who are followed on Twitter by restaurant chain KFC. Just those 11, although the restaurant itself has 1.24 million followers.


Any guesses as to why? Here’s another clue: All the women were members of the group The Spice Girls in the 1990s. All six men are named Herb.


So… the restaurant chain’s Twitter followers represent *drumroll please* KFC’s famous fried chicken recipe has 11 herbs and spices.

Get it? “Herbs” and “Spices” (aka Spice Girls).



KFC told the Associated Press it has been following the 11 people for about a month, but the clever trick has only recently gone viral thanks to Twitter user @edgette22, whose Tweet about the mystery now has more than 300,000 shares.

The internet is loving the new found social media gem, saying the person who runs KFC’s Twitter account deserves a raise.

Even the Colonel himself thinks @edgette22 is a social networking genius.

Other restaurants are getting in on the joke too, including Wendy’s whose social media folks just now realized KFC wasn’t following them back.

We should point out, however, that there appears to have been a Tweet a few days before the one that went viral, but it didn’t seem to pick up much traction. It does look like Twitter user @laurelbartlettt may be the one who deserves credit for the discovery, though.

Now, some Twitter users are now trying to get her Tweet to go viral instead.

Who knew 11 herbs and spices could get so much attention on social media?! The “Herbs” followed include Green Bay Packers cornerback Herb Waters and jazz musician Herb Alpert.

KFC photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

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