This man resigned from his job with a ‘sorry for your loss’ card

If you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time, you have probably fantasized about quitting your job. You might even have fantasized about an elaborate, “Bridget Jones’ Diary”-style, quitting-in-front-of-the-whole-office scenario. Sometimes, imagining the look on your boss’s face as you stride out the door to bigger and better things is what gets you through a long workday.

Alas, one person in the U.K. found a way to give notice at his job that assured his co-workers will remember him forever: He gave his employers a condolence card.

The front of the card reads “So very sorry for your loss,” and the inside of the card reads, “Thinking of you at this difficult time,” along with a handwritten note that says, “My last day at work is the 28th July.” A colleague of the quitter in question posted pics of said card on Twitter on June 27, and the tweet has gone viral with over 76,000 retweets:

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the lengthy notice, the person followed up with a tweet explaining that in the U.K., it is typical to give one month of notice when leaving a job.

Resigning from a job in this way would take a lot of chutzpah β€” and it certainly is not advised in any workplace where your manager or a colleague recently experienced the death of a loved one. (Seriously. Don’t go there. You want to make people chuckle, not cry.)

However! Plenty of people on Twitter have responded to the original tweet with their own unique tales of saying “I quit” involving cards and baked goods.

One Twitter user named James, whose handle is @1jamesbianco, also quit via a condolence card. He took it a more dramatic step further by including the years of his employment and a reminder that he can never be replaced:

Such creativity! This Twitter responder at @BlockCAN1 thinks a picture of a dinosaur will soften the blow of quitting a job:

Here’s a clever one from @BCasusol that incorporates a movie poster with the head, we assume, of the employee:

Twitter user @LikeAFineWino shared how her mother announced to co-workers that she was retiring with a giant cake.

“No one but HR knew she was going to retire that year, then she emailed ‘Cake in the breakroom’ to her whole office,” she tweeted. “(Cake reads “Happy Retirement To Me”) and she left for good 30 minutes later, full pension and all.”

Yet another Twitter user @kevinankelley quit by taping what we can assume was his notice of resignation on the inside of a large Krispy Kreme box, which had “I QUIT” written in huge letters inside:

And here’s one that combines food and a message of condolence, from @ToddRobertStark. Looks delicious!

So, is it actually advisable to quit a job via a box of doughnuts or a card? Or even via dinosaur? Probably not. In fact, some people might call this downright unprofessional.

Alison Green from the blog Ask A Manager has a good column at The Cut explaining how to gracefully resign from a jobΒ if you need some tips! She recommends breaking the news in personn, not going too negative about your reasons for leaving and giving at least two weeks’ notice.

However, if you have a very friendly relationship with your manager and you’re giving lots of advance notice (i.e. not leaving them scrambling to replace you), quitting in a unique way might take some stress out of what can sometimes be an awkward conversation.


But it’s still probably best if you just write a resignation letter like everyone else.

[h/t Business Insider]