People Can’t Stop Laughing At Cookie Monster’s Twitter Account

Elmo & Cookie Monster on Midweek Morning Show at Children's Hospital Boston
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The social media platform Twitter can feel like the Wild West sometimes. It’s not for the faint of heart! So when there’s something lovely and heartwarming happening on Twitter, we’re all for enjoying it together. And it turns out that something is…


Cookie Monster, to be exact. The furry blue sugar fiend from “Sesame Street” has been a verified member of Twitter (meaning he is “official” — no imposters here!) since March 2014. He tweets a few times each week about his pals, holidays and, of course, cookies. (He tweets a lot about cookies. Are you surprised?)

Cookie Monster tweeted about National Cookie Day, which we imagine he celebrated all week long:

He shared his thoughts on pop star Ariana Grande’s new single “thank u next” (which all came back to cookies):

He shared his favorite recipes (cookies again):

Most recently, Cookie Monster has been musing about his 2019 resolutions and how he can practice better self-care… with cookies:

Cookie Monster’s mastery of social media has us wondering who else from “Sesame Street” has a verified Twitter account and is not afraid to use it. It turns out that lots of them do!

Everyone’s big yellow best friend Big Bird tweets jokes about, well, tweets:

Oscar the Grouch apparently has Wifi access in his trash can, because he tweets some pretty relatable content:

And Elmo even tweets sometimes to offer #MondayMotivation:

Aww, we love you, too, Elmo!

In addition to individual characters with Twitter accounts, the official “Sesame Street” Twitter account is great to follow to stay up to date on the goings-on on the show, such as the new “Sesame Street” character who is experiencing homelessness or another character with autism.

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