20 Life Tips From Genius Moms Who Know Best

Mother knows best when it comes to easy, everyday life hacks. Listen to dear old mom’s wisdom by finding simple solutions to common household problems.

Whether it involves cutting down on costs or finding all-natural alternatives, moms know it all. Here are twenty everyday life hacks that most moms swear by.

  1. Clean dirt off of suede shoes by buffing a nail file against the problem area. Dust off any excess, and your shoe will look good as new.
  2. Add life back to into your leather by moisturizing the material. If you are out of leather polish, simple moisturizers such as lotion can work in a pinch.
  3. Remove makeup from fabric by adding hairspray to the material, and then sending it through the wash.
  4. Fix stuck zippers by greasing the zipper with petroleum jelly.
  5. Erase scuff marks from leather by buffing petroleum jelly over the mark.
  6. DIY your own fabric refreshing spray with a cup of warm water, one teaspoon of baking soda, and a tablespoon of fabric softener.
  7. Replace common cleaning products with your own powerful concoction. Mixing two teaspoons of baking soda, one teaspoon of dish soap, warm water, and three tablespoons of vinegar should do the trick.
  8. Ward off bugs by taking vitamin B complex. Bugs hate the way that it makes you smell.
  9. Fix any lingering bad breath by brushing your tongue as well as your teeth.
  10. If you find a lost drivers license, then simply put it in your mailbox. The Postal Service will return the lost license to the address.
  11. Rubbing your ears relives any itching in your throat.
  12. Remove wrinkles from clothing by placing the item in your bathroom while you shower. The steam will release the wrinkles.
  13. Prevent blisters by layering trouser socks under cotton socks. The materials will block any uncomfortable rubbing.
  14. Shave away pilled fabric by running a razor over the fabric. It will remove the excess material.
  15. Accidentally shrink your clothes? Make them good as new by soaking the item in hot water and hair conditioner for ten minutes.
  16. Remove sweat stains by using lemon juice and water.
  17. Soothe a paper cut by rubbing chapstick against the wound.
  18. Heal popped blisters by rubbing mouthwash against the area. Mouth wash has many antiseptic effects.
  19. Next time you’re trying remove pet hair from your furniture, try wearing rubber gloves. Hair adheres better to rubber than your skin’s natural texture.
  20. Wrapping banana stems in plastic wrap will slow down the browning of the fruit.

Photo by ForthDude