6 essential oil recipes for better sleep

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A good night’s sleep is absolutely essential for our overall well-being. Not getting enough shut-eye will not only leave you physically exhausted, but will make you downright miserable. But even though you know you should make sleep a priority, life often gets in the way. After a long day, it can feel impossible to turn off your thoughts and relax enough to fall asleep.

There are a number of prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids out there, but if you’re looking to go the natural route, you should consider essential oils. Yep, sniffing the right combination of scents can be just the thing to help you drift off. Many oils also have additional health benefits, including better skin and improved focus.

Here are six essential oil combinations that are sure to send you to dreamland:

1. Good Night Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend

Christine of The Hippy Homemaker says this blend will do the trick anytime you need to unwind, whether you’re looking to fall asleep, tame your anxiety or even just ease the symptoms of RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). Her recipe includes lavender and chamomile, two relaxation classics.


2. Ultimate Essential Oil Sleep Blend

Courtesy of The Essential Family, this blend has some unexpected oils, including grapefruit and frankincense. It can be used for a massage, in a bath, as a pillow spray or diffused.


3. Homemade Sleep Spray

Karrie of Happy Money Saver recommends using water to dilute your essential oils, making her spray recipe especially cost effective. She also suggests using a glass bottle, as some essential oils can break down plastic.

Happy Money Saver

4. Homemade Bedtime Lotion

If you want to moisturize your way to a good night’s sleep, try using essential oils to whip up a lotion like this one from Parenting Chaos. You’ll wake up rested and with soft skin!

Parenting Chaos

5. Calming Magnesium Butter

Magnesium is a vital nutrient that has been dubbed by some as the “original chill pill.” Combined with essential oils and cocoa butter, it makes a rich body butter that is sure to send you off to sleep. Get the recipe at One Essential Community.

One Essential Community

6. Bedtime Linen Spray

This linen spray from Seasoned Homemaker will make your bedding smell great, in addition to putting you right to sleep. The author recommends using high-quality oils from a seller you trust.

Seasoned Homemaker

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