6 Flower Arrangement Tricks To Freshen Up Your Home This Summer

Flower arrangements are gorgeous, but they’re also not as easy as you might think to create. Buying them can get quite pricey, but if you give these 6 tricks a try, you’ll be bundling bouquets like a pro.

These tips can help you know just how to display your flowers in a simple, yet beautiful way, and in most cases, these tips will help keep your flowers looking fresh for longer periods of time.

1. Keep Them Looking Fresh

Especially if you’re gifting a bouquet, you need to make sure you can keep them perky throughout the transport. According to the Say Yes blog, all you have to do is place a dampened paper towel around the bottom of the stems, and then wrap that in saran wrap. Then, wrap them up all pretty and make someone’s day with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Say Yes

2. Make A Transparent Tape Grid

If you’re wanting flowers to stay in place in a bowl or vase, you can use a tape grid to keep them right where you want them.

Martha Stewart

3. Display Them In Tea Cups

A minimalistic, but still absolutely adorable option for displaying flowers involves placing them in tea cups instead of vases. So, try this out, especially if you’re crunched for time while preparing to host guests.

tea cup

4. Know Your Pairings

Knowing which types of flowers pair well with different types of vases will amp up your flower displaying skills. For instance, did you know that daisies are perfectly content in a mason jar? How cute! Study up on your plant and vase pairing here.


5. Go With Peonies

When in doubt, display peonies. Whether they’re with other flowers or on their own, they’ll add a bit of joy to any space they’re in.


6. Line Vases With Lemons

Not only is adding lemons to a vase a fun, summery touch, it’s great for prolonging the longevity of your arrangement. According to House Beautiful, the lemons will disguise any stems that don’t look so great and really put the blooms on display. That sounds like a win-win to me!

Rue La La/Good Housekeeping

Your summer get-togethers are about to look so much better. Because there’s nothing more pretty than having fresh flowers placed on every table top. With these skills under your belt, your guests are sure to take notice of these arrangements and it wasn’t difficult or expensive either!

[h/t: House Beautiful]