6 New And Creative Easter Egg DIYs To Try This Year

The time has come to dye Easter eggs. You could go old-school, with the traditional egg dyeing kit. Or you can try the new school of Easter egg DIYs which employ everything from painter’s tape to glue to stamps. Here are six of our favorite versions we can’t wait to try

1. Glitter

This cute style, from the blog A Pumpkin and a Princess, uses a fine-tipped paintbrush, craft glue and glitter to create polka dots, stripes or whatever else you’d like. The glitter pops brightly against the white background of the Easter egg to make a fresh, modern design. You can use different shades of glitter to make an ombre pattern or stick to all one color.

Glitter Eggs Tutorial

2. Gold-dipped

Make your Easter eggs luxe and trendy with the simple addition of gold craft paint. This looks best when the egg itself is painted all one color to begin with. Then, just dip the bottom (or side) of the egg in the gold paint. How fancy.

Fabulous K

3. Temporary Tattoos

This is actually so brilliant we can’t believe it’s not more popular. According to Country Living, you can just take a bunch of temporary tattoos, apply them (GENTLY) to the egg as you would your skin, and wait. Peel off the paper backing and voila—a perfectly appliquéd Easter egg.


4. Yarn-wrapped

Take advantage of all the extra yarn and ribbon you have lying around the house and use it to wrap eggs (non-edible craft eggs are best for this project!), gluing gently as you go. Soon, you’ll have adorable, kitschy eggs in a rainbow of colors (and your present-wrapping drawer will be far neater).

A Place To Land

5. Stamped

This one is as easy as pie and doesn’t involve any special materials, as long as you already have stamps and ink. You can do pictures or words—extra points for Easter egg-related puns, says blogger Lovely Indeed. This would look cute on a dyed background, but you can also do colorful stamps on a white background for a more visually striking look.

good egg

6. Paper Napkin

Martha Stewart is so smart—this one is another great way to use up bits and pieces around the house. If you have a few old paper party napkins with cute designs, simply cut out the parts you like and glue them to the egg using decoupage glue! This is best if the paper napkins have a white background, because then you don’t have to be quite so meticulous in cutting out the designs.