7 Accessories For People Who Love Sleep

Sometimes the only thing that makes an activity—eating breakfast, eating dinner, watching Netflix, cuddling with your cat—is doing that activity in bed.

If you’re one of those people who prefers to do your relaxing activities in bed, then you probably love sleep. You might prefer to sleep when you have nothing to do, and your idea of a good Sunday is sleeping in and then maybe also napping later. If so, these seven sleep-themed accessories are just for you.

And anyone who wakes you up before your usual time better watch out, because that is not something you do to a sleep lover in the middle of a blissful slumber!


1. No One Knows You Better Than Your Pillow

What’s wrong with affirming your love for your pillow with a handmade pillow case? Technically you’re a good consumer if you buy these, since they’re made by a small company on Etsy. So, your love for sleep is actually just good capitalism. Yeah, that sounds right.

Pillowcases: The WallSticker Company via Etsy



2. Because Napping Really Should Be An Olympic Sport

Taking a good nap is really a skill that takes cultivation and practice. If you don’t nap for long enough, you don’t feel rejuvenated. But if you nap for too long, then you might feel groggy or throw your normal sleep schedule our of wack. And people actually think napping is lazy — HA!

T-shirt: BoooTees via Etsy


3. Total Darkness Is Your Friend & No One Can Tell You Otherwise

Some people are afraid of the dark, but you embrace it, because that’s when you sleep your best. No silly scary story or bump in the night disturbs your deepest slumber.

Sleep mask: DandLAlwaysJewelry via Etsy


4. You Aren’t Nice When People Wake You Up, So A Warning Is Necessary

A peaceful night’s sleep where you don’t wake up at all is something you keep very near and dear to your heart. Unnecessary disturbances are just that—unnecessary, and they don’t make you happy. Can’t people just respect the sanctity of sleep or a nap? Well, now you can give them a fair warning with this double-side “napping” sign that flips into a friendly “welcome” sign, for when you emerge from your siesta.

Double-sided napping sign: TwoSidesToEverything via Etsy



If that sign doesn’t work, though, you could always buy a sleeping baby sign. Sure, maybe you don’t have a baby just yet, but desperate nap times call for desperate measures.

Sleeping baby sign: xFramesNThingsx via Etsy


5. You Are Proud Of Your Hobby & No One Can Shame You Or Call You Lazy

Sleep helps fight signs of aging, it keeps your memory sharp, and sleeping just the right amount can help regulate your weight. So why should you feel ashamed of your love for sleep? You shouldn’t, and you should make it darn clear that you aren’t.

iPhone case: LENKALIKE via Etsy


6. Coffee Is Just Your Sustenance Until Nap Time Or Bed Time

Who drinks coffee because they like it? No. You drink coffee because it keeps you from napping on your desk at 11 a.m. on a Monday….or any day that ends in “Y”

Coffee mug: VinylMasterpieces via Etsy


Oh, I’m supposed to spend more time awake today? Whatever.

Coffee mug: TheSourPeach via Etsy


7. You Already Know That You Have A Soulmate

Maybe you’re not the sentimental type, but there’s one thing that you will easily declare your undying love for: your bed. You adore your bed so much that it can even make you drop that big scary “L” word or admit in the existence of a soulmate.

Poster: mixarthouse via Etsy


[h/t: BuzzFeed]

Meme image: Paperblog.com

Photo by m01229