7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know That Your Tailor Can Do To Fix Your Clothes

You’re shopping and find a dress that’s on sale, but it’s a size too big. But it’s the last one. You get it anyway, determined to take it to the tailor to get altered. After all, he or she has already altered those just-an-inch-too-long dress pants you bought. These two examples are common reasons to stop at your local tailor, but what else do they do that you may not know about?

1. Make A New Neckline

Say what? Yep, if you buy a dress (or shirt) that fits perfectly in all the right places, except for the neckline, you can create a new one.

2. Amend The Arm

I know many friends who get sleeves shortened, but did you know that if a shirt is too tight, your tailor can fix it by adjusting the armholes? So before you give away a bunch of tight clothing, stop at the tailor before Goodwill.

3. No More Pockets

I know that front pockets sometimes make a pair of pants look better, but I also think they sometimes make them look worse. But, that’s what your tailor’s for! They can remove those pockets (which will also make those pants look slimmer). A win-win!

4. No Pleats, Please

Speaking of the front of pants, my mom still wears pants with pleats… on purpose. While some people like the look of them, I don’t, and you may agree. I had NO IDEA that the tailor can remove them, or at least make them less obvious! Genius!

5. Line A Sheer Garment

Nothing’s worse than buying a sheer garment… only to realize you cannot wear it, ever, for there’s no undergarments that aren’t see-through. However, your tailor is here to help! They can line a sheer garment with a shade of cloth that complements your skin tone. Problem solved!

6. Zip It Up

You know those dresses in your closet that are too cute to give away yet a bit too tight to wear? Well, they’re nothing your tailor can’t handle. He or she can add a zipper to said dress(es) and you can wear them again, feeling more confident than you did the last time.

7. Reshape Your Blue Jeans

You may see Denim Doctors around your town, but tailors can help with your jeans problems, too. Too loose around the waist? Or maybe toward the ankles? Whatever the denim-related case may be, look no further than your corner tailor. As long as the jeans fit all right at the widest part of your hips, you can have them custom-tailored to your liking. Aww—I really wish I would have known this one sooner!