7 ways to enjoy quality wine on a budget


The number of wine options available today is endless! That’s great news for wine lovers who are looking for something new. Wine in a can anyone? It also means there are cheaper options to balance out the cost of fine wines.

A true connoisseur may disagree, but until you’re roaming the hills of Napa Valley, use these tips to appreciate quality wine without breaking the bank. Though a caveat: This doesn’t necessarily mean buying the $3.99 bottle.

1. Save On These Wines

Some of your favorite wines are downright easier and cheaper to make, so don’t bother spending more. The more expensive option won’t be all that different. Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, comes from a durable grape, so it’s really hard for winemakers to mess it up.

You can also save a pretty penny by buying sparkling wine over Champagne. Many of those fruity sparklers are produced using the same method as Champagne, but with different grapes.

2. Don’t Buy Wine On Saturday

Weekday sales of wine are going up! Forbes reports wine buyers pay 6 percent more for wine on Saturday compared to Tuesday (the cheapest day of the week to buy wine). That doesn’t mean stores raise prices over the weekend. Instead, experts believe people are willing to spend more money on Saturdays as a treat. Do yourself a favor and stock up during the week.

3. Do Some Research And Read The Label

Here’s a great tip. When purchasing wine, check out where the bottle was produced. Wines that were “produced and bottled” or “vinted and bottled” in the same location are generally better quality

When it comes to wine, experts aren’t shy about sharing their research. There are dozens of great finds under $15. Click here for a few suggestions, or refer to Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 Best Buys.

4. Know Your Palate

Don’t throw away money on wine you might like. Before you buy, narrow down some of the flavors you enjoy. Do you prefer a light citrus lemon flavor like a Pinot Grigio? Or the blueberry/blackberry mix of a Malbec? Remember to also consider the foods you’ll be eating and the alcohol content.

5. Don’t Buy Wine On Sale

Sounds hypocritical, but avoid wines that are on sale. It’s possible they’ve been sitting for awhile on the back of the shelf or in a warehouse. Not all wines get better with age.

6. Buy In Bulk

Some argue that the best reason to get a membership at a warehouse club like Sam’s Club or Costco is for the savings on alcohol. If you’re buying several bottles weekly, a membership could be worth it. Just be sure to check the cost per unit compared to the cost of buying a single bottle.

7. Yep, There’s An App For That

When in doubt, compare wines with the help of the Vivino app and its millions of users. All you do is take a picture of the label. In return, you’ll get the wine’s rating, reviews and the average price so you know instantly if you’re spending too much money.

Food, Money, Save Money

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