8 Cheap And Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is just begging for tricks and treats, but we’re sure you want to put as much of your budget as possible towards the best candy and costumes. With a little creativity, you can still deck out your (haunted) house with spooky decorations—oftentimes using things lying around in your own home! Here are 8 cheap and easy decoration ideas anyone can do.

1. Mini Ghost Town

Head to your local craft stores for some pre-made birdhouses, and then paint them black and varying shades of grey to create a little ghost town. Add a black raven or extra authenticity. HGTV has dozens of other great DIY ideas for Halloween. Click here to see them.

2. Spooky Toilet Seat

Red lipstick or wax pen can be used to inscribe a spooky message to your guests either on top of the toilet seat or on the bowl itself. Need some inspiration? Consider,

  • “Watch your back” (pictured)
  • “Good evening, Clarice”
  • “Don’t drink the punch”
  • “Get out while you can”
  • “I see dead people”
  • “Save yourself”
  • “Don’t go in the basement”

Get more spooky ideas from Parties for Pennies.

Parties for Pennies

3. Bloody Candles

This is a great craft to finish candles that are already partially used. Place used white pillar candles or tea lights on wax paper, then light a red candle and allow the wax to drip over them. But don’t throw them out! In December, you can melt a green candle over the top of the red to make a festive red and green holiday lighting arrangement. If you can speak French, get the full instructions here.

Sous Notre Toit

4. Spider Pumpkins

What a creative use for the cute little pumpkins at the store! Simply hollow them out, fill them up with a tea light, and affix pipe-cleaners to the sides to make spider legs. These are perfect for the dinner table, kitchen island, or mantle. You can get other enchanting Halloween ideas from Good Housekeeping by clicking here.

5. Mad Scientist Lab

Fill lidded vases and mason jars with green food coloring, water, and creepy crawlies.

6. Candy Corn Mason Jars

Paint surplus mason jars orange, yellow, and white then tie a black ribbon around the neck. Fill with utensils or white or black flowers. Feeling extra festive? Scatter a few fall-colored leaves or fake cobwebs under the jars to make extra special. Get the full instructions from Iowa Girl Eats here.

7. Bottles of Boos

Upcycle old wine or liquor bottles by making them into a festive holiday decoration. Simply hand paint, fill with a strand of Christmas lights, and scatter throughout your home. Get other ideas for reusing bottles from Etsy here.

Etsy | RecycleThyme

8. All In The Family

Turn your family into cheeky pumpkins. Incorporate personal traits and characteristics to help bring them to life.