8 Unexpected Ways To Add Storage To Your Bedroom

Forget regular plastic bins. Upgrade the storage in your bedroom by incorporating new spaces into your everyday furniture. From helpful headboards to secret shelving, have your bedroom furniture work for you. You don’t need less stuff, you just need new places to put everything.

1. Headboard Storage

Containing three separate shelves, this headboard offers an amazing and unexpected storage space.

Headboard Unit, $130, ikea.com


2. Shelf Storage

Get the most out of your shelves by installing ones with drawers. These light-weight shelves are great for storing any knick-knacks or household items.

White Shelving, $55, ikea.com


3. End Of Bed Bench

Open up the seating options in your bedroom by bringing in a bench. This end-of-the-bed unit offers both seating accommodations as well as storage, so it’s a great place to keep any extra blankets or sheets this winter.

Tan Bench, $229, ikea.com


4. Nightstand

Keep everything you need at your bedside table. From books to reading glasses, store away all of your night-time essentials in this gorgeous nightstand.

Small Nightstand, $369, contempospace.com


5. Built In Bed Storage

If you’re looking to optimize the space under your bed, try buying a bed frame that offers drawers. This storage space will really allow your room to open up.

King Bed With Drawers, $649, contempospace.com


6. Wall Shoe Rack

Tired of having your shoes lying around? Give them a home by mounting a wall shoe rack. This convenient organizer allows the shoes to pressed against the wall, and out of the way.

Wall Organizer, $89, ikea.com


7. Coat Rack

If you don’t have enough space in your closet for bulky coats, then move them to a coat rack. This opens up the space in your closet, while still being a classic and sophisticated piece of furniture.

Coat Rack, $48, target.com


8. Trunk

Trunks are a beautiful option for those looking to add storage space and organization to their bedroom. They keep your essentials tucked away, while still being a standout piece in your bedroom.

Zimmer Trunk, $699, potterybarn.com