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8 Ways To Make The Best DIY Fruit Water Ever

We all know that we need to cut back on the amount of soda we drink.  Even the diet soda needs to be watched due to other ingredients added to make up for the lack of sugar.

That being said, you are trying to do your best and stay healthy by drinking water. However, plain water might start to get a little old. Here are a few great ways to add a little fun and flavor to your water while staying healthy.

Berries and Orange

Cucumber and Water

Lime, Raspberry, and Mint

Orange and Strawberries

Strawberries and Water


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Class It Up With A Wine Glass

Lemon & lime water, in a wine glass… why not ? @emilyvcornish yummy ?? #copy #lemonwater #fruitwater #lemon&lime #healthydrinks #slimmingworld #cleanse

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So Many Fruits, So Many Options


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