9 everyday items that left-handed people can’t use

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If you’re a left-handed person living in a right-handed world, we have your back. We get it. Sometimes, it can be absolutely mind-boggling how many things exist that left-handed people can’t use.

While I’m not left-handed, I know a lot of people who are, so I see first-hand how it is for them to deal with environments that seem to favor right-handed people. For instance, my left-handed friends have to sit in a certain seat at dinner so they don’t keep elbowing us as they left-handedly eat.

To add insult to injury, here are some everyday items that left-handed people can’t use. Sorry!

1. School Desks

Remember those desks we sat in at school? Guess who they were made for? Yep. Right-handed people. If we didn’t pass all our exams, it was probably because of the awkward way we had to sit and write in those desks.

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2. Three-Ring Binders And Notebooks

Ever try using a three-ring binder or a spiral notebook as a left-handed person? Not easy, is it? Spirals making indentations in our left hand?! No thank you! Believe us, we feel your pain!

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3. Cameras

If you think about your camera’s photo-taking button, where is it? Yep. On the right! In fact, a lot of the most-used buttons are on that side!

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4. Car Cup Holders

Unless you’re sitting in the passenger seat, cup holders are generally not made for left-handed drivers. Though more and more cars have cup holders throughout the vehicle these days. Still, this should become standard for every vehicle, just to make it fair for the left-handed population.

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5. Credit Card Swipers

We know—when will they make a credit card swiper for left-handed people?!

credit card machine photo
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6. Coffee Mugs

You know those mugs with the messages written inside that become revealed once you start sipping? Good luck reading them if you’re left-handed.

coffee cup message photo
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7. Can Opener

Think about it. If you’re left-handed, when’s the last time you successfully used a can opener (which was made for right-handed people)? Exactly!

can opener photo
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8. Scissors

Especially when you were a kid, how hard was it to cut things out at school when the teacher distributed right-handed scissors to everyone? Or when your parents were buying you school supplies and couldn’t find you a pair of left-handed scissors anywhere? Thankfully, they’re easier to get your hands on now, but that doesn’t mean many a leftie didn’t struggle for years prior.

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9. Ice Cream Scooper

We left the sweetest for last, since it may make you want to grab a scoop (or two…or three) of ice cream when you’re done reading this. After all, you deserve it! But seriously, why are so many ice cream scoopers made only for right-handed people?



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