9 Fun Kids’ Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Redecorate Immediately

So many fun redecorating ideas!

Kids’ rooms can be so much fun to design and decorate because there is so much potential to add in elements that capture their personality while also inspiring creative play.

And these 18 stylish rooms are no exception.

From fun themes to unique elements, they all show that there are endless possibilities for coming up with the perfect space for your kids.

1. Turn The Bed Frame Into A Clubhouse

One blogger built the perfect clubhouse surrounding her son’s bed. Yep, the clubhouse is even equipped with a mailbox.

Life Among Pirates

Using the same idea, another blogger made a little surfer hut, and she even provided free plans so you can build your own.

Ana White

2. Save Space And Suspend The Bed From The Ceiling

If you’re tight on space, this is one way to free up a little room on the floor.


And if you’re up for it, you can even DIY a loft bed, such as this one.


3. Add A Slide

Here are two fun rooms that incorporate a slide, making getting out of bed just that much more exciting. That second one features an adorable tent from Amazon.

Double tap if this room is crazy for kids☺️yay or nay💁

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4. Add A Swing 

Because how much fun would that be? This first pic showcases a family that uses the modern furniture mom designs:


And this $25 swing from IKEA would be a fun addition!


5. Add Bright Pops Of Color

There are so many fun things going on in this photo we don’t even know where to start. But one thing we know we love about this room are all of the bright pops of color, from the fun rug to the custom art on the wall.

Project Junior

Or you could really get wild with the colors and create a room like this!

Kropat Interior Design

6. Install A Fun Fan Or Light Fixture

The rustic light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling adds a fun touch to this tween boy’s room.

Project Nursery

And how cute is this alphabet light fixture!


7. Develop A Theme

This nursery has a woodland theme going on, and its cute decor works so well together that not a single things feels out of place.

Project Nursery

8. Transform A Room With Paint

Just think of how different this room would look if there weren’t those pale blue and yellow squares painted on the walls!

Cool Kids Rooms

And this wall is pretty much a giant piece of artwork.


9. Creatively Display Your Kids’ Artwork

You likely have a lot of it, so instead of stashing it in a bin, why not display some some of your kids’ masterpieces like these parents did?

Birch and Bird

The idea below uses an IKEA wire curtain rod system that allows you to not only display artwork, but easily swap out your child’s work when you want an update.

Artful Parent

Or you could use frames and periodically change out the artwork.


Implement a few of these creative ideas into your kids’ room and maybe you’ll be lucky enough that they’ll love it so much, they’ll always want to keep their toys in there and will always go to bed on time. Parents can dream, right?

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