99-Year-Old Woman Celebrates 80th ‘Workiversary’

Need some inspiration? This 99-year-old is still working at the same job she started 80 years ago.

They say staying active is the key to living a long, healthy life, and when you hear about Elisabeth Davis, you, too, will be convinced. She is 99 years old. And still working.

She recently celebrated her 80th “workiversary” as the secretary at Culver Academies, a prep school in Culver, Indiana.

She began working at the school in 1936 (!) and still uses a typewriter, as well as writes by longhand.

Mrs. Davis at desk
Culver Academies

Just think: Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the United States at the time she started working there.

Mrs. Davis younger
Culver Academies

As for the job, “I started because a relative of mine was working in admissions under Colonel Henderson and they needed some help,” Davis told ABC News. She also explained that after high school, she didn’t have enough money for college and needed to get a job instead. And after her husband passed away in 2004, her job began to serve another purpose.

“I’m happy because after my husband passed away, at home I’m all by myself, and during the day I’m here with people and they say I’m doing a good job,” she said.

Impressed yet?

Culver Academies

Davis also still lives on her own, though she carpools to work with another employee.

William Hargraves, the school’s director of communications, went to Culver Academies as a child and remembers Davis.

“It’s a pleasure,” he said. “I was telling Ms. Davis how much I appreciate the lights on in her office. When I am having a tough day, I look at the lights in her office knowing she is steadily working. It reminds me to be blessed about what has already been given to us and not at what you don’t have. She has always been a woman of faith and inspiration.”

Davis seems to love her job, too. “The academy has been good to me and I try the best that I can,” Davis said.

Awww. That’s all any of us can do, right?

If you want to see—and hear—Davis in action, check out this video.