A DMV employee dressed as a sloth for Halloween and won the day


Halloween is the best holiday — and not because of that sweet candy haul. Save for Comic-Con, it’s the one time of year when people can go all out with their costumes and no one around them bats an eye.

There’s always one person, though, who wins the whole holiday, like this employee at a Department of Motor Vehicles who dressed up as Flash Slothmore from “Zootopia.”

The photo of the DMV attendant was actually taken last year but has gone viral again this Halloween after being shared on Twitter by user @BloosClues. Check it out:

In one word: Genius.

The original image of this “Flash” is courtesy of Twitter user @BagelTiger, who first shared the photo last November. It went viral quickly, receiving over 550,000 likes and more than 240,000 retweets. (This particular photo was recycled this year by Utah resident Keith Anderson, who posted it to his Facebook page. Anderson misrepresented the image, claiming it shows a DMV worker in Utah who is dressed as Flash, but that was debunked.)

California resident Jeff Dinter snapped another angle of the DMV attendant’s brilliant Halloween outfit, which his friend, Paolo Ramos, shared to Reddit. Ramos told Buzzfeed that the employee, who worked at the Clairemont DMV in San Diego at the time, had been taking appointment check-ins when Dinter took the photo.

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“He was doing his job. And that was it. [Doing] exactly that made it funny,” Ramos said in 2017. “The DMVs are notorious for being slow. So whether it was on purpose or on accident, he didn’t have to do much to be hilarious.”

He added, “Whoever the employee is, we would like to thank him for making us laugh. Kudos all around.”

Whenever the photo was taken, we can all agree that this DMV attendant wins Halloween hands down every year. In the words of Flash: Hah. Hah. Hah.

This Little Girl’s Headless Costume Is One For The Books

Of course, this little girl’s costume as a headless girl in a flower dress is pretty epic as well. According to an Instagram post by her mother Krystel Hwang, Maya is a young girl from Southbay Village, Philippines, who went trick-or-treating this past weekend and seriously spooked neighbors with her getup. The video shows Maya walking around her neighborhood, carrying her “decapitated” head on a plate and it is pretty amazing.


It would seem Maya was thrilled with the end result. Check out this adorable Instagram photo posted by @kryshteta of Maya watching the news coverage of her costume:


To think that sweet face could pull off such a spooky Halloween look, right?

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