A flight attendant is on a mission to return a lost Post-It note to its owner

One airline worker is hoping she can connect a passenger with a valuable possession. And for once, it isn’t a piece of luggage.

Brooke Miller, who works for Southwest Airlines, posted a note on Aug. 10 saying she and a coworker found a wrinkled sticky note on the floor in the Indianapolis International Airport. But she didn’t throw it away because she noticed that the note wasn’t just some discarded shopping list.

In what appears to be a child’s handwriting, the note reads, “Dear Daddy, I miss you a lot, but I will see you on Wednesday. I love you. XOXOXOXO. From your dater Claire. To: Daddy.” On the back is a picture:

Miller saw that the note was dated 2007 and figured it was a cherished keepsake that someone has apparently been toting around for over a decade. So, she has made finding the “Daddy” in this note her “mission.”

“I realize this is a long, long shot, but it’s better than none at all,” Miller wrote on Facebook. “Someone has been carrying this around in their wallet since 2007. Eleven years. Eleven. I don’t know what the story or situation is that lives behind this worn piece of paper, but there’s clearly a reason it’s been with someone for the last decade.”

Miller’s post has been shared more than 16,000 times, and Miller even went on “CBS This Morning,” trying to find the owner:

Southwest Airlines has also tweeted about the note, amplifying the call for info:

As of writing this, the owner of the note has not yet been found. Let’s hope this story has a happy ending!