You Can Spoil Your Dogs With An Advent Calendar Full Of Treats This Holiday Season

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An advent calendar for your dog? This winter, humans will have so many advent calendars to choose from — featuring cheese, booze, socks, Harry Potter figurines and more — that it only seems fair to make sure your canine companions get a special treat every day, too.

In fact, it’s going to be easier than ever this holiday season. As Delish reported, Trader Joe’s announced on an episode of their podcast Inside Trader Joe’s that they’re adding a treat-filled advent calendar for dogs to their holiday offerings. There are no details yet on what the advent calendar will look like or what types of treats will be included, but we know TJ’s won’t disappoint.

While we’re waiting for the big reveal, we decided to see what other doggie advent calendars on the market … and now we know why the pet industry has tripled in the past three decades to a whopping 69 billion dollar industry. (Yes, billion.) But, if you’re looking for a new way to include your favorite furry companion in your holiday celebrations, check out these advent calendars for your dog.

Dog Gone It Fabric Advent Calendar

This sweet advent calendar for dogs features several adorable canines enjoying the holiday season. Put a treat in each pocket for your furry friend, but be sure to hang it high enough that Fluffy won’t snatch all the treats at once. ($29.95 at Walmart)

Vermont Christmas Company

Dog Treat Advent Calendar

This single-use dog advent calendar from Saint Patrick’s Guild comes pre-loaded with 24 small dog bone cookies and an extra special yogurt-frosted bone for Christmas Day. ($7.95)

Saint Patrick's Guild

Midlee Christmas Tree Advent Calendar for Dogs

This Christmas tree-shaped fabric advent calendar makes a terrific holiday decoration while letting you choose your own dog treats for each of the pockets. ($14.99 on Amazon)



Falvai Creative Dog Treat Advent Calendar

This clever advent calendar is shaped like a dog house with dog treats hidden behind each door. There’s a toy crocodile with a treat in its mouth behind the first door, followed by 23 days of beef, salmon or peanut butter-flavored treats. (Around $31 on Etsy, plus shipping from Canada)

Falvai Creative Dog Treat Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar for Dogs

For the crafty canine lover, Chewy shows you how to make your own doggie advent calendar. This clever DIY calendar design can be stocked with treats of your choice to give to your doggo each day.