6 Boozy Advent Calendars You Can Buy This Holiday Season

If you ever had an advent calendar as a kid, you likely opened up a little cardboard window every day in December to retrieve a piece of chocolate. And while chocolate is obviously still amazing, as an adult, you might need just a bit more to get you through the holidays.

Yes, we’re talking beverages. Adult beverages.

While you could just open a bottle of wine each day, where’s the surprise in that? Instead, there are tons of new advent calendars that are offering booze instead of chocolate. Here’s a look at some spirited advent calendars that are pretty much guaranteed to make your 2018 holidays merry and bright.

The Wine Lovers’ Advent Calendar

This advent calendar comes with 24 little bottles of wine (each enough for a glass), one for every day in December until Christmas Day. You’ll receive an assortment of reds, whites and bubbles, though the company has already run out of champagne. The calendar costs $129.99 and will begin shipping out on Nov. 1. Just make sure to order no later than Nov. 19 or you might not get it before Dec. 1. 


12-Day Wine Advent Calendar

This wine advent calendar will surprise you with a different half-bottle of wine each day for the last 12 days leading up to Christmas! For $169.99, you’ll find a half-bottle or split of champagne behind each door, including reds, whites and sparkling wines from well-known vineyards around the world.

Give Them Beer

Beer Advent Calendar

Give Them Beer has a beer advent calendar for those who prefer beer to wine. For $89.99, you’ll get 12 curated craft beers from U.S. breweries, plus a stainless steel bottle opener, beer holder and coaster of your choice.

Give Them Beer

Spirits Advent Calendar

This spirits advent calendar from Heritage Distilling Co. is only $59 and offers 24 small bottles of bourbon, rye, gin and vodka — including coffee, vanilla and blood orange flavors.

Heritage Distilling

Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar

You’ll be able to buy this wine advent calendar at Aldi’s stores beginning Nov. 7. The calendar will cost $69.99 and holds 24 mini bottles of wine, one per day to get you from Dec. 1 through Christmas Eve.


12 Nights of Wine

This wine advent calendar from VineBox gets you 12 glasses of world-class wines from Italy, France, Spain and more. The $129 calendar will begin shipping on Nov. 15 and as a special holiday surprise, 10 calendars will also include a special gold bottle of wine. If yours happens to have the special bottle, you’ll get free wine throughout 2019 (a $644 value)!


If you’d like to make your own boozy advent calendar instead, you can also buy some that do not come with the actual alcohol, like this one from Craft Advent Box for craft beer lovers.

Will you be sticking with a traditional advent calendar this year or would you rather spend December getting a bit boozy?