Aldi Is Warning Customers About A Fake Coupon Making The Rounds

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Coupons are all kinds of awesome when it comes to shopping, whether you are scoring a deal on a blouse or BOGO goodies. But the internet can make it difficult to discern between valid coupons and those that were falsely generated.

Such is the case for Aldi stores, which recently took to Facebook to let shoppers know about a fake coupon that is being circulated.

“Hey ALDI fans!” the grocery store wrote on its page. “Looks like another fake ALDI coupon is making its way around the internet. We’re sorry for any confusion, but we don’t offer electronic coupons and they won’t be accepted at our stores.”

They added, “We’re currently working on fixing the situation, but we’d love your help. Feel free to share this post to help us spread the word.”

And fans are doing just that — the post has been shared more than 5,000 times on Facebook.

The store went on to clarify that they don’t typically offer coupons, though “from time to time” local stores might feature their own promotions and coupons to celebrate an event, like the grand opening of a new store.

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Known for its already-low prices, Aldi prides itself on not needing to offer coupons. It’s all part of the low-cost approach to grocery shopping, which includes using a quarter to retrieve a cart. When you return the cart, you get your quarter back — and Aldi saves on needing to pay a cart attendant.

The store also charges 10 cents for each paper bag you use at the store, so bring your own if you want to avoid the charge. Plus, staff is minimal, so you are responsible for bagging your own groceries.

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These may be minor inconveniences, but it all comes with a lower price tag and that’s worth it!

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