Kohl’s and Aldi Will Share Space At Some Locations

If you’ve ever had to decide between grocery shopping or a trip to Kohl’s for, well, pretty much anything, you will love the new collaboration Kohl’s just announced.

Kohl’s and Aldi are about to team up, which means residents in select cities will be able to go to both stores in one location. Just imagine — you can pick up groceries while also shopping for clothing, accessories and whatever else you need, all without having to leave the parking lot!

Why? It’s simple: Kohl’s simply has too many stores and many of them are too big. So the company has been working on rightsizing some locations, which has led to them leasing the extra space to other brands. It turns out that Aldi fit the bill.

Aldi Store In Maryland
Getty Images | Sean Gallup

To test out this new partnership, five to 10 Kohl’s stores are being optimized to share their space with an Aldi. So for now, you won’t find Aldi groceries at most Kohl’s locations. But if you live in the Midwest, you might be in luck. The first shared location opened earlier this month in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

kohls photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

While these stores will be technically in the same building, they will not share interior space and will still have separate entrances. So, while you won’t have to leave the parking lot, you may have to at least leave the building and walk next door.

If you’ve never shopped at Kohl’s, you’ll find everything from clothing and bedding to electronics, jewelry, kitchenware and even toys and holiday merchandise. Meanwhile, Aldi carries some of the foods you’d find at grocery any store, but also unique items, such as copycat Girl Scout cookies and cheeses named after ’80s music.

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There is no word yet on where the other locations will open or if there will be more in the future. Still, the development will likely come as good news to those looking to make their errand-running a little easier.

Do you like the idea of being able to do your grocery shopping at Aldi and head to Kohl’s in one trip?