Amazon Will Deliver Booze To Your Door In Less Than An Hour

This year’s chillier-than-usual August temperatures are an unfortunate reminder that summer is ending and cooler weather—along with all of the holidays it brings—is fast approaching. Fortunately for people in a growing number of cities across the United States shopping for holiday celebrations just got easier: Amazon is slowly but surely expanding the number of cities where Prime Now delivers liquor, having added Portland, Oregon, to its list just last week.

The Prime Now service allows Amazon Prime customers to order products with free same-day or two-hour delivery. Twelve cities in the United States can now add booze to their Prime Now shopping list. In fact, for an added $7.99 fee, Prime users can have booze delivered to their door within an hour.

Of course, Amazon Prime membership costs $99 a year, so there is another cost involved in getting that super speedy two-hour delivery. But if you already have Prime, you can take advantage of same-day wine delivery, whether it’s for your next party or your last-minute Netflix and chill session.

Amazon photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

Wondering where you have to live to order wine, beer, or liquor ASAP? According to Food & Wine, the alcohol delivery service is available in Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix, Portland (Oregon), Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. (However, Prime Now reaches over 30 cities in total and you can order groceries, cleaning supplies, beauty products, vitamins, video games, toys, a Kindle, exercise equipment and even pet food.)

If speedy liquor delivery is not in your city yet, sit tight! Amazon plans to roll out this alcohol delivery service to other cities as it expands its Prime Now—so before you know it, no matter where you are, ordering in some pinot noir will totally be the norm. I’ll

I’ll cheers to that.