‘Animaniacs’ is headed back to TV: 3 fun facts you probably missed

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Calling all kids of the ’90s! Another TV show from your youth could be making a return. Talks to bring back “Animaniacs” are reportedly underway.

According to Indiewire, Warner Bros. animation wants to bring the popular animated series back to television. Sources say original developer Steven Spielberg would come back to help create the new series.

The “Animaniacs” reboot has no network home, yet. However, with the seemingly constant parade of ’90s shows making a comeback, it probably won’t take long.

The cartoon series debuted in 1993 and featured Warner siblings Wakko, Yakko and Dot who lived in the Warner Bros. water tower. The trio interacted with studio workers and others on the lot. Each episode consisted of two or three cartoon shorts.

“Animaniacs” ran on Fox Kids from 1993 to 1995 and then moved to the WB network from 1995 and 1998.


Fun Facts About “Animaniacs”

“Animaniacs” was one of the most popular shows of the ’90s, but did you know:

1. The series won multiple Emmy awards

It may be a cartoon series, but “Animaniacs” racked up some major awards. During its run, the show won 14 Emmy Awards, including “Outstanding Animated Children’s Program” and “Outstanding Music Directions and Composition.”

2. The show had a successful spinoff.

Fans loved some of the “Animaniacs” segments so much that the animators created entire shows about of them.

“Pinky and the Brain” started out as one of the cartoon short segments in 1993. Eventually, they branched out into their own show which ran over four seasons and 65 episodes.


3. The show wasn’t just for kids

While kids of the ’90s loved the show, “Animaniacs” developed a large fan base of adults, as well. Why? The writers used some clever wordplay to get some more adult-level humor into the show.

Whether it was ogling pretty girls or playing with some double meanings, the writers managed to get some eyebrow-raising moments by the censors. Of course, compared to today’s TV shows, most of the jokes are pretty innocent. But, remember, “Animaniacs” was a kids’ show.

Here’s a collection of some of the best adult jokes done on the series.



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