Can you solve the Teresa’s daughter riddle? Here’s some help!

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Sure, online riddles are fun. They’re certainly great time-killers when you’re at work, but what makes this brain teaser, in particular, so much fun isn’t even the puzzle itself—it’s the reactions from other people online. The “Teresa’s Daughter” riddle that’s been circulating online has tons of people stumped, and their reactions are hilarious.

In case you’re unfamiliar the riddle that everyone and their mother is trying to solve, it goes a little something like this:

“If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Teresa?”

OK, so take a minute to think about that.

Need a little help? These multiple choice answers may be just the thing to get those brain gears turning:

a) Grandmother

b) Mother

c) Daughter

d) Granddaughter

e) I am Teresa

So, which one is it?

Based on some of the reactions to this riddle, people either figured this out almost immediately or were left scratching their heads for quite some time.

People on Twitter were quick to voice their frustrations with this little brain teaser.

“I have no idea but it hurts my brain,” one person responded.

Others resorted to making a joke of the entire thing and came up with some pretty ridiculous answers.

“You’re Teresa’s grandma’s sister’s cousin’s best friend’s goldfish’s god mother [sic],” one Twitter user joked.

Hint: That’s not the answer!

So What’s The Right Answer?

Are you curious to see if you got the right answer?

Keep reading to find out.

The question one more time: “If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Teresa?”

Spending some time thinking on that one.

Need more time?


The correct answer is “c) Teresa’s daughter.”

If you think about it, the phrase “my daughter’s mother” could be substituted for the word “me.” So then it would read, “If Teresa’s daughter is me, what am I to Teresa.”

Because if you’re a female (which you are in this scenario), then the phrase “my daughter’s mother” could only apply to you. If you were a male, you’d be Teresa’s son-in-law.

Were you among the few who got it right?

Those who were able to figure out the answer were elated.

In some cases, the online polls showed the correct answer.

Some were able to figure out the answer without the multiple choice options, and therefore without even knowing that in this scenario the subject is female. Pretty impressive, huh?

So, there you have it. Another viral brain teaser solved. If you’d like to test yourself again, check out these viral puzzles that fooled the internet while you’re in the puzzle-solving mood!

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