Anthropologie is selling a bundle of twigs for $42 and people have a lot of feelings

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If you were looking for a bundle of twigs, perhaps with which to start a fire, many people would simply head to their own backyard or to any outdoor location where trees were plentiful. You certainly wouldn’t think of buying a bunch of twigs, right?

Well, Anthropologie thinks there’s a market for such a thing. Up until recently, the retailer was selling a Birch Branch Bundle for $42. If you’re wondering whether these twigs are imbued with something magical for that price, they’re not. According to the product description, it’s exactly what it sounds like: 20 branches of birchwood. Stranger still, the website indicates that the product is sold out! Does that mean a whole bunch of people actually found this to be a worthwhile purchase, completely clearing out their stock?


The customer reviews are filled with more than a little snark.

“I received this bundle of sticks as a birthday gift,” reads one review. “I had my eye on them for a while and was delighted when I unwrapped them. I have to say, they have lived up to all my wildest fantasies that are wood related. They look so lovely just laying there, doing what an artisanal bundle of sticks is supposed to do. They are the highest quality sticks I have ever owned. They have brought joy back into my life after a period of darkness. They remind me there is good in the world. I highly recommend!”

If you really had your heart set on some decorative sticks, it looks like you can still snag a single Decorative Birch Branch from the retailer for $24. The product description promises that you’ll be getting a one-of-a-kind decor item.

“Due to its nature, expect slight variation in the size and appearance of each piece,” it reads.

So far, it has a single review, and it’s also pretty heavy on the sarcasm.

“This really is just the best stick,” it reads. “Don’t miss out on an opportunity to pay $24.00 for this stick. IT’S AMAZING!!! Took my living room from wow to pow!”

What are your thoughts on Anthropologie’s latest rustic offerings?

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