Staying at the Arctic Bath floating hotel deserves a slot on your bucket list

Viewing the Aurora Borealis is bound to be a special experience no matter where you view it from. But if you could watch the Northern Lights while kicking back and staring up at the sky from a floating hotel, well, that’d be hard to top! Fortunately, the Arctic Bath is opening this year and it’s aiming to provide one unbeatable experience.

The hotel will be stationed on the Lule River in a remote area of northern Sweden. With a round, bird’s nest-like shape, the hotel will float during the warmer months and be frozen in place in winter. The design features an opening in the center that will allow guests to take a dip in the river for a quick ice bath — then hop into one of the saunas.

Guests stay in one of the six hotel rooms that surround the watering hole. According to Thrillist, each of the rooms are about 270 square feet and offer great views of the Northern Lights thanks to large windows. The entire aesthetic is meant to invoke a calming, quiet, spa-like experience.

The creators of this hotel are Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi, Swedish designers who also created Treehotel, a series of individual hotel rooms suspended in trees throughout the woods. Specifically, the Bird’s Nest room at the Treehotel shares a similar look as the Arctic Bath, as both use timber fashioned as twigs to help guests connect with nature.


Arctic Bath will reportedly open later in 2018, and is not accepting reservations just yet — but it’s already making its way to the top of our bucket lists. Staying in a place like this seems like a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

This isn’t the only cool way to view the Northern Lights. For example, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland lets you stay in a glass igloo to give you the best views of the night sky. Pretty incredible, huh?

These places look incredible, don’t they? Who knew that traveling to some of the coldest places in the world would end up on our bucket list?

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