Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek transform into Greek gods for Super Bowl commercial

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Actors Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up to take on mythical roles in one of the many anticipated Super Bowl LVI commercials.

In a commercial for the new electric BMW iX, the pair portrayed the mythical king and queen of the gods, Zeus and Hera. At the start of the ad, we see the royal couple in their majestic glory on Mount Olympus. However, they’ve convened the rest of the gods and goddesses to make a shocking announcement: they have had enough of working life and want to retire.

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But, alas, it’s not easy for immortals to retire in the human world.

It’s not long into retired life in sunny California that Zeus gets pestered into doing favors for his new neighbors and friends because of his electric powers. Even the simple things like microwaving a snack, taking their pet pegasus out for a walk and golfing become a source of frustration for Zeus, who wants to ditch town and their new life.

Hera, our hero, won’t give up so easily. So, she gives her hubby a little surprise.

To see what happens next, you’ll have to check out the full video!

Reaction to the commercial on social media was positive and had people talking about the creative storyline, the humor and the casting.

First, there was the request from Metro Entertainment for a full-length film starring the pair in a continuation of their story.

Twitter user Still Point raved that the BMW ad might be the best-ever for a Super Bowl.

But the most buzz was about Hayek, with many people wondering if the 55-year-old actress has magical powers thanks to her ageless beauty.

“Can we all admit that Salma Hayek really IS a Goddess, and is just playing with us?” questioned Michael F. Dougan on Twitter.

What was your favorite Super Bowl LVI commercial?

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